Hayfever be gone ~ Ode to being sneezy!

 ode to hayfever and sneezes

This week I’ve been extremely sneezy,

Add to the mix a little bit wheezy.

It’s made me something of a grumpy moo,

Wait… sorry, pass another tissue!


Achoo, achoo!  I’m feeling groggy,

Can’t think straight, my head’s all foggy.

I love to be ‘at one’ with nature

And enjoy the weather when it’s a scorcher.


But you know what hayfever?  I’ve had enough.

I’m done with groggy, I’m done with ‘rough’.

The windows are shut, no makeup on,

Antihistamines ready, hayfever be gone!

14 comments to “Hayfever be gone ~ Ode to being sneezy!”
  1. Oh no you poor thing Hayfever really sucks. My husband suffers terribly with it. When we moved to the Seychelles one of the big benefits is that you don’t get Hayfever here (apparently there is no pollen!). We are visiting the UK next week for the summer and he’s dreading the dreaded Hayfever sniffles!! Hope the antihistamine kicks in soon and you have a fab sniffle free weekend.

  2. Great poem! Thankfully my hay fever seems to have eased but a month or 2 ago I could have quite happily scratched my own eyeballs out. I hope yours settles soon #wotw

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