Here’s some eBooks I made earlier…

Here’s some ebooks I made earlier…

Writing has always been one of my favourite past-times.  A while ago I wrote a portfolio which, to this day, I’m very proud of.  While nosing on facebook, I got the inspiration to raise awareness of my journey through pregnancy, parenting and beyond.  So I blogged it.  Someone suggested I might turn the blog into an eBook to help other.

So I have…

Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy ebook

50% of sales to charity

‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’

£2.05 Available from Amazon
With 50% of sales going to the charity APEC (Action on Pre-eclampsia), this is an emotional and inspiring journey through a pregnancy involving placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia and ‘HELLP’ syndrome. This book was written to raise awareness of these pregnancy conditions.

A 5 out of 5 star review on Amazon: “I am also a survivor of HELLP syndrome and I highly recommended this book! Shocking how many people have not heard of hellp, this woman truly is an inspiration, plus half the proceeds go to charity!”


Working 9 til 9 ~ Ditch the Working Mum Guilt! eBook

Ditch the Working Mum Guilt!

Do you feel guilty about returning to work after maternity leave? Don’t!  When you’re working and looking after a family, the last thing you need is guilt… This indispensable guide is written by a Mum who has experienced the guilt of leaving her baby while she returns to work. Whether you are about to return or have already started back, this book offers practical solutions and feedback from real Mums with real families in real situations. Covering topics such as Post Natal Depression, childcare options, both yours and your child’s development and time management – Ditch the guilt today!

£3.03 Available from Amazon

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