How a pocket money plan nearly backfired!


Our daughter (6 years old) has been learning about the value of money since she was around 4.  We started off by giving her small jobs to do each day.  She then had to tick a box at the end of the day, so that by the end of the week, she would receive money depending on how many boxes were ticked.

Real money.

We’ve continued with this and each week she decides what she would like to spend her hard-earned coins on.  But recently, she’s seen the benefit of saving her coins to enable her to buy something better.

Enter stage right ‘Moosey’ a Kinder Surprise fluffy toy with little chocolates.

 Normally, our local shop sells groceries, magazines and general every day stuff.  Like local shops do.  But the other week, they introduced their ‘seasonal’ aisle… including Moosey and friends!

Our girl asked me how much the toy was.  So we looked at the label together and she said, “499 coins”.

I told her she would need £4.99 to buy the toy and asked her how much she had got in her purse at home.

Not enough was the short answer.

Now, I could have caved in and told her she could pay me back with her pocket money next week.  But what’s the point in that when you’re trying to teach your child the value of money and encouraging to save instead of spend every week?  Spending just because they can.  Granted, she’s 6 but money’s a serious thing later in life.  If she can learn not to spend what she hasn’t got, then I think we’re teaching her a real life lesson!

Back to the story – we happened to go into the shop again a day or so later and Moosey was still there.  So our girl asked if she could do some extra jobs at home.  What a little entrepreneur!  And she did do a couple of extra jobs but she still didn’t have enough.  Besides, the Bank of Mum and Dad isn’t a blank cheque…

Nearly a week later and she noticed that Moosey was gone.  Big whoops!  We asked a member of staff (the manager in fact – that’s how much she wanted Moosey!) and were assured they would usually get more Christmas stock in.  They even offered to try and order one just for her!

But on the sly, I went in several days in a row to see if there was any update, to receive a woeful shake of the head from said manager.

Things were not looking good.  This plan of not backing down and not caving in was back-firing!

…until I browsed the good old internet and yippee – I found Moosey!  Available in quite a few shops actually!

That weekend we happened to be in a Tesco that we don’t often go in.  I left our girl with hubby browsing while I nipped off to the seasonal aisle.  And. I. Found. Moosey!.

I went back to find our girl and hubby and told them to follow me…  her little face lit up when I showed her Moosey sitting patiently on the shelf, waiting for her 🙂 (well she’s on our stairs in the picture but you get the idea!)


Cute, isn’t he/she?  (Our girl tells us ‘she’.)  It’s no wonder that this fluffy toy caught our daughter’s eye in the local shop.

So, it was a happy ending in many ways ~ I didn’t cave in and act as her ‘credit card’.  And our daughter learnt the act of patience, saving and that good things (often) come to those who wait!

So, readers, that is how a pockey money plan nearly backfired! 🙂

Has something similar happened to you?  How do you approach pocket money and savings with your kids?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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2 comments to “How a pocket money plan nearly backfired!”
  1. Oh hun I’m so glad your daughter got to buy her little Moosey! I think this was a great way of teaching her about money. 🙂 Great story.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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