How do you approach homework?

Before our little girl started school, we were of the opinion that a little homework never hurt anyone.  It seemed like a good idea to get her ready for what would be a daily occurrence in secondary school (albeit a few years away…)

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Much like any other UK primary school, homework didn’t start in earnest until after the Christmas of her Reception year (that’s the first year for non-UK readers).  At the start we had a bit of phonics.  And it was fun and quite exciting to see what was in her homework book at the end of the week.  We’ve enjoyed Alternative Goldilocks, a lesson in Fairtrade, we’ve made paper and we’ve made a papery goat for Chinese New Year.  Yes, we’ve had oodles of fun!

We never really had a problem with completing homework in Reception.  We chose our moments of course and fitted it in around work and ‘tired times’.

We used to do it straight after school on a Friday.  Then it was done and dusted for the weekend… 2 whole days without having to learn.  Our little girl enjoys learning but equally, it’s vital to have a break from it.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to work that out!  Sponges can become saturated, no matter how much stimulation they need.

Along came Year 1 and a new school.  It was clear from a few weeks in that homework was being stepped a gear… and so it should be.  It was still enjoyable.

We’ve tried to do homework in the week but with work commitments and after school club, the days get busy and quickly get filled up.  And so it tends to fall to the weekends now.

We’ve got a bright little girl (yes, I’m biased!) and her teacher has confirmed this at parents’ evenings and at workshops.

Towards the end of terms, homework does get to be more of a chore.  Couple that with her need to learn and be stimulated due to her growing brain, homework is an ironic balancing act between necessity and burnout…

What are your thoughts?  How do you approach homework?  How much does it differ between siblings and/or your own experiences (however many years ago?!)

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27 comments to “How do you approach homework?”
  1. Wait until Year 2! I think my daughter’s school handles it well, but if we followed their advice to the letter, it’d be 30 minutes every night. Thanks to Mr Gove, Yr 2 kids are now studying the Yr 3 curriculum so the workload is greater. Needless to say, we don’t, expect 30 mins a night but it easily takes up 20 mins. Thankfully she really enjoys maths homework. Other subjects can be a bit of a challenge.

    • I have to say that we’re not totally embracing the year 2 homework agenda just yet John. Just hope she likes her year 2 teacher as much as the present one… because it certainly helps in our house!

  2. My daughter is only 15 weeks old so cannot really comment on homework as a mum yet. But my experiences from svhool was always good, i loved homework. but then i was a nerd! xx


  3. my boy is only two so not at the homework stage just yet. my sister however has a 6 year old boy and it seems never ending with specific days and dressing up and having to make things. im all for that but I know for my sister it can be a bit stressful juggling that, a baby and full time work on top! #KCACOLS

  4. Mikey didn’t really have homework until he moved to a new school in Year 4 and from then on it stepped up a gear every term as he moved through the school.

    He had reading, maths and big research projects over the holidays and then practice for SATs in his last year.

    At the time, I did think that it was a bit excessive, however, he is now nearing the end of Year 7 and he has a great work ethic when it comes to homework.

    Sorry for the essay-length reply!

    Laura xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday 🙂

    • I’d give you a house point for your essay length reply Laura! I do think that having a reasonably rigid routine/structure for homework can help further down the line… we do our best with the time we’ve got!

  5. I’m in a different situation as mine at senior school and the workload is heavy. My real opinion is that you don’t need homework at Primary School – reading is enough and maybe the occasional project – perhaps in juniors start to introduce more but not before then. Oo I think you’ll get lots of differing opinions! #KCACOLS

  6. Ah – homework has been quite the topic for discussion at our school and home too! School policy is that homework is about getting into the ‘habit’ of doing it in preparation for senior school but not about the actual work so to speak. This changed a couple of years ago. Now the children show their work to each other but it isn’t marked. Need I ask how you think my daughter feels about doing homework now that it isn’t even looked at by the teacher?! She’s a keen learner but even she loses interest! #PoCoLo

  7. I feel like I shouldn’t be commenting as i homeschool-its all homework 😉 However I am amazed that your homework in the UK doesn’t start until half way through the year. In Public School here, the children get homework from day 1. So enjoy that! #KCACOLS

    • Hi Jen, no sorry what I was saying is that in Reception (so the first year of school), our little girl didn’t get homework until after Christmas. Once reception’s over, they do start at the beginning of the school year…

  8. My son starts school in September. I will do the homework with him if he wants to, but I will not make it a battle ground! I am a Reception teacher, so I know he is in a good place for school. By the time he gets home from school he will be far too exhausted from a busy day’s learning to sit down to anything constructive, and I refuse to do tasks for the sake of it 🙂
    We will read daily because he loves to read.
    x Alice

  9. Well I’m a secondary school drama teacher. Homework is only as and when it benefits a lesson for me and as a practical subject that isn’t often. In primary I think there needs to be a balance between promoting a little work at home and letting them still be kids. #KCACOLS

  10. I have one in year 5, one in year 3 and two pre-schoolers. Homework takes up a lot of time and although some of the projects are fun and the reading is fine, other things can be a challenge. I try to encourage the do it when you get it approach but that isn’t always popular or possible.

    Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  11. My son is in reception, and honestly I’ve found the homework a bit much at times. Luckily my son likes it, and is happy to sit and do it, but some weeks he’s had a reading book to do, some work on the computer and 2 sides of A4 for reading/writing practice! I do feel sorry for the teachers at times, because they must get some stick for it, but it’s not their fault! x #KCACOLS

  12. Thankfully we only have reading /phonics, and then an envelope of 50 words to learn by the end of the year. When we get more for during the week we’re going to struggle because N doesn’t get back from after school club until nearly 6.

    Personally I think N will need homework to reinforce his learning, but generally I don’t agree with primary homework other than reading, learning spellings/tables the same as we had when we were kids

  13. Both my boys have homework. BP is in Secondary School and he has homework almost every day. Our rule is that homework has to be done before he does any game playing or anything like that. With LP we’re a little more relaxed, as long as it’s done when it needs to be we’re okay with that. But then LP doesn’t get much homework at all. An interesting topic for parents, thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  14. We are only in reception so haven’t got to the burn out stage which I prefer will be soon though. We do homework right after school every day and once on the weekends. Sometimes it does feel like a rush chore to check off our list but other days you think their little minds are so amazing like sponges they learn so quick. Apologies for the late commenting the hand over of Share With Me to Mummy Fever and the busy half term has me a little behind but never forgetting your amazing support and thanking you for linking up. I hope you will link up again tomorrow for another great round of Share With Me over with Charlotte and keep Share With Me blog hop going long after my hosting. #sharewithme

    • Wow, that’s good to get it done straight after school. Makes me wonder just how much homework Buba is getting though! Hope the transition went well and I’ll be linking when i can 🙂

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