How I find balance in life with my daily routine

Daily Routine Balance Habit Wellbeing Self Care Zen

How I find balance in life with my daily routine

With the general business and busyness of everyday life, it’s so easy to get swept up in the day isn’t it?  But I find that by starting my day off on the right ‘foot’, it gives me a head start in overcoming any stress and negativity that comes my way throughout the day.  By having a daily routine, I have time for me albeit in the early hours before any else is awake.  Yes, I often struggle to get out of bed in the morning due to tiredness but I usually stick to my daily routine which happens to be in the morning (and bits of it are often repeated at night) and I really feel the difference.

Daily Routine Balance Habit Wellbeing Self Care Zen

So what do I do in my daily routine to keep my ‘zen’ in balance?

I have a shower when I get up (except on the weekends, when I often have a hot buttered crumpet first!).  It wakes me up as I stand, eyes closed and dream of my stylish black shower faucet.  I mentally prepare for the day ahead and it’s cleanses my aura too.  Win, win.  In the week, I have a shower anyway so usually find that I can squeeze in the rest of my routine anyway.  If I don’t manage to squeeze it all in, I do notice and I am kind to myself by not stressing if I don’t do it all everyday.  Ideally I do fit it all in each morning but I’m realistic and don’t beat myself up.

After I’ve had a warm shower, I find that I’m more awake and stretchy, so I go on to to do my short yoga routine which involves stretches for the psoas muscle.  Again, if I miss this one out, I really notice it.

Each day, whether morning or evening, I manage 5-10 minutes of mediation and/or reiki.  I know when I need to do reiki because I ‘tune in’ immediately and feel the lovely tingling sensation in my crown and down my spine… bliss!

Next to my desk is my vision board (inspired by the lovely Michelle Reeves).  Michelle’s Sparkle on Mama facebook group gave me the nudge to finally do my vision board one day recently and so I have her to thank for that.  I find that it gets me in the right mindset and gives me the motivation I need to do any early morning tasks to work towards my personal goals.

With my meditation and reiki, I do chakra work which means visualising a particular chakra colour and aligning myself.  Each month, Yasmin Boland and her Moonology website gives guidance on which chakras to focus on and therefore which colour to visualise.  Genius because you eventually work through each chakra!

So you see, even if I don’t manage all of these every morning, I really do notice and it’s like a jigsaw with a missing piece.  Which leads to a feeling of something being missing and that makes me feel out of balance…

What about you?  Do you incorporate any of these activities into your daily routine?  How is yours different – any tips for us all?  I’d love to hear.  Please do leave a comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.

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  1. Ahhh that’s lovely to hear that the our vision board work has inspired you Carol! I absolutely love doing this exercise with my life and mindset coaching clients. Loved this post – I’m sure it will help so many x

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