How I find inner peace by writing

Writing ~ Find Out Why It's My Way To Inner Peace And Wellbeing

How I find inner peace by writing

I try to include writing quite regularly on my blog and because my blog is about positive thinking, I wanted to explain why my writing posts may not *always* follow suit…

I get a lot out of writing and I think this little poem will explain why ~

Writing ~ Find Out Why It's My Way To Inner Peace And Wellbeing

It’s a funny old thing, this writing ‘game’,

Everyone has their own focus, own aim;

To make money, or enter a comp here and there,

Or perhaps to write all your troubles to share,


For me, it’s an outlet of what’s in my head,

My creativity’s nurtured, it needs to be ‘fed’,

And the beauty for me is my pencil just flows,

Expressing my life, all the highs and the lows.


It doesn’t often ‘dry up’, for which I am glad,

My head’s always whirring with the good and the bad,

And you might know by now that I like to spread ‘happy’,

Cos let’s face it, there’s plenty of ways to feel crappy!


So escuse me if my writing’s not always sunbeams,

But my blog’s got happy and positive in reams;

I do try to turn the bad to good stuff,

But sometimes in writing, I don’t up the ‘fluff’!


Cos it’s my outlet you see, my way to release,

To find my voice and then inner peace.


By Carol Cameleon 2017 ©

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