How long can a bag of crisps last?

Not quite long enough is my answer to that!  

With our 3 year old still fitting in the trolley seat, I took full advantage during our shopping tri[, gave her a packet of her favourite crisps and began to whizz round Tesco.  As much as you can whizz round on a Saturday afternoon anyway.  It was either that or shop later that night or the next day.  Time to put on my No Nonsense Mummy Wings!

The first aisle we went down, I bumped into an old friend/colleague.  Tracey is a lovely lady and it was nice to have a very brief catch up before I pointed out that crisps would run out soon!!  “Gotta go!”.

Down the ‘egg custard’ aisle she pointed out that, “Oooh Mummy, I’ve just seen chocolate!”.


…time to whizz into the next less interesting aisle!

Shopping done and we’re at checkout.  Almost made it and then came the familiar crises of, “Out Mummy!”.  Fair enough, she had been a very good girl.

Walking back to the car with the trolley, she looked at me with a  very concerned face and said, “Mummy we need to put the trolley back!”.  I told her we needed to unload the shopping first and she was happy with that!  

Having retrieved the pound coin, we walked back to the car.  Well our bear began skipping so I did too, which she thought was hilarious!  I think we brightened up a lot of shoppers’ days by our skipping in synch back to the car!  A bit of a Morecombe and Wise moment!

While on the way to the car, passing the  Parent and Toddler bays, I couldn’t help giggling to myself at the sight of a new Dad trying to work out how to put the buggy frame up while Mum was juggling the baby and shopping!  It reminded me of us shopping for our pushchair when I was about 5 months pregnant.  The lady in the shop demonstrated the one with the chassis where you had 5 points all clearly labeled, which you had to click here, flip there, nudge there and hey presto!

She also showed us the one we could ‘install’ with a pull and a gentle but firm kick.  Hey presto, that’ll do nicely.  Thinking back to the car park scene, it’s precisely for times that (with a crotchety baby) that I’m glad we went with our Chicco one.  It certainly doesn’t owe us anything now!

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