How the seed was planted for my childen’s book series ~ The Friendly Little Trolls

I recently launched my ‘The Friendly Little Trolls’ funding campaign and now I’d like to share with you all how the seed was planted for my children’s book series…

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My passion for writing, particularly in rhyme, has never left me.  Once I get in the flow, I often feel that there’s no stopping me!

‘The Friendly Little Trolls’ was much the same.  After countless occasions of reading to and with our little girl (6), not to mention the children’s books I read when I was younger, one day a little vision (a little seed) came into my head.

The Friendly Little Trolls Fizzle and Wizzle morals childrens stories books book learning educational kickstarter planted a little seed

There are 2 friendly little trolls,

Do you know their names?

Fizzle is the girl and she likes to play games.

She has fluffy pink hair which is curly wurly,

Fizzle the troll is very, very girly!


So, there were the characters (or one in the rhyme above in any case).  I played around with the names for the Trolls and settled on Fizzle and Wizzle because like looking for a new home, the names just felt right.  Also, the idea was (and still is) that they zapped germs with a ‘fizz’ and a ‘wizz’.  A few of the other names just didn’t flow…


The next stage in my creative process was the adventures they could have.  It was important to me that they couldn’t be seen by grown-ups and that they were friendly with a little bit of cheek thrown in for good measure 🙂

Seeing as my artistic abilities are generally limited to stick people (and I didn’t see Fizzle and Wizzle as stick people!), I approached an illustrator with my brief to create 2 friendly looking ‘trolls’.  It’s amazing how she just ‘clicked’ with my brief and created Fizzle and Wizzle (and other characters besides).  This was exactly what I was looking for and you can see one of her later illustrations on the front cover of ‘The Dentist’ book…

Fizzle and Wizzle The Friendly Little Trolls book series for children visit the dentist


Let’s have a recap.  We have:

    • The initial idea, you could call it a ‘concept’
    • The stories in draft
  • The visual characters

Next, we have a plan which is all encompassing of a major project and too much to share in a blogpost.  I’d like to hold some of it back to keep a surprise element for future blog posts.

Although I will share that the first book in the series of 6 includes a ‘brushing teeth’ ditty 🙂


I’d be interested to hear how this compares with writing projects that you’ve had or have on the go.  I found that F&W just clicked into place in the creative process.  It was difficult to stop the flow at times!  What have you worked on where the flow keeps flowing?

If you’d like to get involved, just follow this link.


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  1. It’s lovely to find about a bit more about your creative process, Carol and it sounds like you’ve had great fun creating Fizzle and Wizzle! My creative process usually involves endless re-writes, then sending my picture books to beta readers (who can be trusted to tell the truth). I’ve also had three manuscripts professionally edited to make sure they’re the best they can be – it’s such a competitive market! As for flow – it seems to vary with each book – some just fall onto the page, others have to be teased out! If you’re interested in editors, #whatImwriting is a good group to ask – I think a fair few of us have used them. Perhaps you’ve passed that stage though? You do like to keep us in suspense! Thanks for linking up! xx

  2. The love for the characters you’ve created really shows here and it’s inspiring hearing about your creative process.. I have a few children’s books manuscripts on the shelf gathering dust at the moment while I prioritise other projects… But when you talk of your illustrator and how she clicked so well with your vision, it reminds me of some test illustrations I had created for one of these books and makes me want to go back to it sooner… It’s great when someone can really capture what you see in your head, isn’t it..?

  3. This is really interesting to read – I find any creative process fascinating. I think I am too impatient and want things to happen quickly – which is why I write poetry and not fiction! I look forward to seeing how it all happens for you #WhatIAmWriting

  4. I’ve had several ‘seeds’ of ideas for children’s books… but they’ve never really progressed beyond that stage! It’s really interesting to hear about your process. Good luck with getting your friendly little trolls on the market! xx

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