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Hello and welcome back.  It’s time for more Positive Thinking.

Regular readers will know how much emphasis I put on the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking benefits your mental health and can also attract more ‘goodness’ to your life.

For this month’s Positive Thinking, I’m focussing on how gratitude can be amplified in a simple way.


Since I started my daily gratitude journal, I go through my days and now find myself making a mental note of something that I could write down in my journal for later.  BUT something I never do is note it down at the time.

The way I see it, making that mental note is a part of the gratitude process:

  • By using your memory, you savour a moment more than you normally would – be it a random act of kindness, a smile, good news,  good hair day, simply being with someone.
  • By focussing on that moment, you are living in the present, you are just ‘being’, and therefore it’s a type of mindfuless…
  • You are setting a positive ‘trigger’ to enable yourself to remember the moment later on when you write your gratitude journal
  • You are ultimately raising your vibration and therefore attracting more of the ‘good’ life to you, enabling you to remain positive

So, what positive, happy thoughts are you going to have today?

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Let’s create a virtual wave of positivity!

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Let’s get the positive vibrations going good and strong 🙂

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12 comments to “How to attract more good vibes ~ Positive Thinking”
  1. Thinking about all the things to be grateful for is such a nice idea. I do a weekly happy list, things that have made me happy in the week. It makes me all warm inside. I try to make a note of them as I go but often I am there at the end of the week picking all the highlights that I can remember. It’s great that I’m actually making a positive trigger by doing this! Thanks for linking to #abrandnewday

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