How to get your child into ‘Back to School’ mode

This year the school summer holidays have just flown by!

And somehow, we’ve got away with very few “I’m boooored” moments… until today.How to get your child into back to school mode motivation learning education parenting

We’ve had too much screen-time today, I fully admit that (the weather’s not great either – no need for suncream though!)

And when I switched the TV off and suggested:

playing a game – Uno, My Little Pony Top Trumps

doing a jigsaw

doing a silly dance to her favourite music

reading a book




…nothing would do.

So I had a lightbulb moment and just let her be.  And I got on with some blogmin/writing organisation ready for September and beyond.

Sure enough, after 5 minutes or so, our little girl fetched her notepad, and her favourite retractable pencil from her desk and declared that she’s used to learning and would like to learn again!

She practiced her hand-writing (which hasn’t really slipped to be honest – and is even part joined-up now!  What happened to my baby?!)

And she did some adding up, times table and division.

The answer to boredom in my case was to let her be, get on with some writing and bits and pieces myself, and it inspired our little girl !

In my view, boredom is a good thing.  Our daughter was ‘exceeding’ in her year 1 report and is definitely ready to go back to school now.  Everything’s been ticked off the list.  I’m just not sure how the final week’s countdown will go!


Have you found a subtle way to get your child’s (and yours!) brain back into gear?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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6 comments to “How to get your child into ‘Back to School’ mode”
  1. Its so funny that you say that, becuase I had a really similar experience with my little one last week. I had my niece and nephew around last week for two days; the first day I set up activity after activity for them but on the second day I was exhausted from what I’d done with them the previous day and decided to just let them be, and you know what, they entertained themselves! We also had a couple of hours doing handwriting and the like, so my sense is that everyone is ready to go back to school and get some routine back in our lives! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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