How to have a wonder-filled family adventure

How to Have a Wonder-filled Family Adventure

How to have a wonder-filled family adventure

What is wonder?  Is it being amazed at something?  Is it being in awe?  Is it experiencing something for the first time?  Is it doing something or going somewhere you’ve been before?

The answer is, surely all of the above?

How to Have a Wonder-filled Family Adventure

To have our wonder-filled family adventure, we chose to visit one of our favourite places.  Why is Ferry Meadows one of our favourite places?


4 easy reasons

Because we love to see the change of seasons, to feel the wind in our hair (be it a cold, brisk wind or a warming spring/summer breeze!)

 Even more reasons

Since we got our puppy, we’ve got even more reason to enjoy the Country Park!  And we love to have a hot chocolate and an oreo cookie too…

There’s a little cafe, of course, but we prefer to park at a viewing point and take a short walk over a bridge to a picnic table next to a brook.  The picnic table always seems to be available (bonus!).  We each have our hot chocolate out of our flasks and enjoy our oreo cookies.  To mix things up a bit for you, we’re going to take you with us, on an #OreoCookieQuest !  There are 3 pictures in this blogpost containing a mug of hot chocolate and of course the oreo cookies!  (Clue: there are pictures at the beginning too!)  Happy hunting…

On this visit, as usual we took D dog and gave her a tasty treat (not an oreo obv!) and she wagged her tail expecting more!  As usual, we got other dogs passing and dipping their noses into D dog’s bowl.  But as usual, there was nothing left for them because D wolfs her treat down!

As usual, we got to the fork in the path and randomly chose which direction to go.  We could immediately see how boggy the grass was.  This was unusual and we soon discovered by a couple coming the other way (the same couple who had fussed D dog!) that the path was cut off by flooding!  Not surprising given the recent ice and snow that had thawed and lashing of rain that we’d had.

A series of unusually unusual events! 

So we went back to the usual fork and went straight on instead!  It was all good and we headed up to the sculpture that our 8 year old daughter loves walking around.  It was unusual to see a path cut off by flood water in the distance.  That was our path!  And so we unusually doubled-back, had a slow walk back over the bridge and back to the car.  Unusually, our visit was cut short but we had a wonder-filled adventure none-the-less.

In fact, our daughter amazed us by telling us about the different layers of branches (if that’s the right term!) in a rainforest.  Then she went on to say that piles of logs that had been trimmed from the trees could make a fun den.  This is part of the reason that we enjoy Ferry Meadows so much.  Not only for the sheer beauty, peace and tranquility but also for the family time.  We all unplug, have a wander, let our minds wander and enjoy the chat that follows.

There are various places to park up and usually various paths to follow depending on how far you want to go.  On this occasion, we felt were cut off with each path we took.  No matter, we’ll return again very soon because you really wouldn’t believe that you’re on the outskirts of a city here!

So that was the end of our wonder-filled adventure.  Did you find all the oreos?  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

Where do you like to go for wonder-filled adventures?

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  1. A puppy is a great motivation to move! We have a lovely nature trail behind our house that we like to walk. Often we will wander around and find treasures. It used to be an old park with rides and cable cars. Sometimes we will find old bottles. #KCACOLS

  2. We love to get out and about, and your right the addition of a new puppy give you even more motivation to get outside even when the weather isn’t fantastic. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  3. We love getting out and about on adventures like this. It’s a perfect way to switch off from things isn’t it. Thank you for joining in with #GetMooreFromLife

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