How do you introduce children to the news in a positive way?

Our Little Girl was asking her Daddy what he was watching on the ipad.  He was watching the news and said, “It’s for grown-ups, let’s watch something else.”

And she did.

She watched a sugar-coated episode of Sofia the First.

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But it got me to thinking abut child-friendly news.  I enjoyed watching programmes like Newsround when I was younger.  For the benefit of the International readers and the younger (!) readers, this was a great programme presented by John Craven in a very simplistic way that made it very easy to understand and digest.  Our Dad used to like watching it with us too.  I think it took the jargon out for adults too!

This was on at 5 pm or thereabouts – always just before we had our tea.  I loved it.  Granted, I was a fair bit older than Our little girl, who is currently 6.

Yes, the news is usually full of depressing stuff BUT it’s important to keep astride of world events, I think.  Even from a fairly young age.

But what are the best ways of introducing a young child to the news, without tainting their innocence?

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Thanks 🙂

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11 comments to “How do you introduce children to the news in a positive way?”
  1. I have no idea! I suppose it’s all being careful about how you word it, a tricky one especially as each child is so different and may understand things differently to another. #dreamteam

  2. I grew up on current affairs but that was in a time before access to the internet and a click away from an atrocity, conspiracy theory or hate site.

    My cubs are young and not really switched on to the news but as they get older I want to give them the tools to look critically at what is presented. Who is saying what? Why? What’s behind the numbers? What’s the wider context?

    It all sounds like big stuff but introducing it early and encouraging questions will help them make sense of the world.


    • They’re very valid points and you’re quite right that introducing these things early benefits our children in the long-run. I’m just digging my heels in and don’t want her to grow up I think!…

  3. We haven’t really crossed this bridge yet as I am quite happy to keep news out of ear shot of Little Button, unless it’s of the positive kind. I don’t want to frighten her with anything. I will keep my eyes peeled on your blog to see what you decide 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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