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This time I’m going to tell you how you can reset yourself by way of a chakra cleanse.

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 We are all full of energy – whether good or bad…
We each have 7 main ‘openings’ known as chakras.
Our chakras should be fully open to allow for the universal life force (the energy) which surrounds us to enter our ‘being’ (our aura) and to allow the energy to flow freely, as it should.
When the energy flows freely though our auric layers and into our meridian lines, it keeps our chakras balanced and aligned.
Why is it so important to keep our chakras balanced and aligned?
Well, you will recall that our chakras should be open to allow the energy to flow through them?
If one or more of these chakras is not opened, the energy cannot enter our being and therefore we become out of balance.
When we get blockages, the energy cannot flow at ‘ease’ and we can get ‘dis-ease’.
You can see now why it is important to look after yourself, to keep your chakras balanced and aligned…
Our chakras are coloured as follows:
  • Root – red (base of your spine)
  • Sacral – orange
  • Solar Plexus – yellow (your abdomen area)
  • Heart – green
  • Throat – blue
  • Third Eye – violet (forehead just above and between your brows)
  • Crown – white


To cleanse your chakras and ‘reset’ yourself you can do a visualisation exercise ~ sit or lay with your eyes closed, starting at the root, imagine a ball of the relevant chakra colour moving up your body.  All the while be mindful of your breathing.  When you get to your crown chakra, imagine the ball of white light enveloping you in a warm cocoon…
Try it and notice how you feel…
Boost your zing and encourage your zen.
It’s all about #TheZenZing 🙂
How did you feel after your chakra cleanse?  Do you meditate regularly?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere and use the #TheZenZing hashtag.
Thank you 🙂
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8 comments to “How to reset yourself … relax with #TheZenZing”
  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely exercise. I shall do it tonight when I am getting ready for bed, and see how I feel. I try to mediate but often I have to admit it is something that slips when things get busy. xx #Sharethejoy

  2. I use to mediate a lot especially when I was doing Yoga, not so much now though. I should really get back into it as I always found that I slept better after a session.
    This is a great exercise, I shall make sure I try it out this week. #PoCoLo

  3. I always enjoyed doing yoga because I had a chance to sit and just be, to concentrate on myself and ‘aligning’. It was great. I really must get back to it.
    Great tips Carol, thanks for sharing and linking to #PoCoLo.

  4. I love the simplicity of this character cleanse meditation! So often these kinds of visualised meditations are made so complex and I get confused or find my mind wandering half way through, but I think I could manage this. Thanks for sharing #sharethejoy

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