‘I’ is for Inspiration #AtoZChallenge

Hello and welcome to my take on the #AtoZChallenge.  You can find out why I’m taking part in ‘From Alpha to Zulu and everything in between…’


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‘I’ is for Inspiration for #AtoZChallenge

Is Frank a monkey or is he a pig?

One thing’s for sure, he’s very big!

He sits all alone, day after day,

Just dreaming and whiling the time away.


He looks happy enough does our Frank, it’s true

Though it’s hard to tell if he’s looking at you.

His big googly eyes look this way and that,

His whiskers are long and he’s rather fat.


Sitting in his tank with nothing to do

But observe the scenery at the Water Zoo!


Inspired by a cat fish called ‘Frank’ who was resident ‘pet’ at my local Water Zoo for year.  I wonder if he’s still there?  Bet he could dish the dirt on the neighbourhood because his tank was right by the front of the shop onto the main road!


 This post is for ‘I’ in the #AtoZChallenge.


Prose for Thought


Is it someone’s birthday and you don’t know what to do?
Let me write a personal rhyme, especially for you.
Pop it in a card, on a pretty label or a letter,
A bespoke rhyme, what a great idea, sit back, relax… that’s better!

All occasions are catered for, it’s really so much fun!
Weddings, birthdays, to wish ‘good luck’, rhymes for each and every one…
Up my sleeve I have a personal rhyme just itching for a reason,
Ready to be conjured up for every single season…

A personal rhyme from you to them,
it’s unique, bespoke and easy.
Get in touch today, waste no more time,
It’s really easy peasy…


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