I saw the sense in this…

blog pic coffee nose

As the warmth envelopes me

From the tips of my fingers,

To my mouth




I get a comforting feeling.


This sets me up and energises me.

It’s like a meeting and catch-up with

An old friend.

An anticipated break,

A chance to sit down for 5 minutes.

As we sip our coffee

(de-caf for me his time),

I don’t want the heat from the cuppa or conversation to end.


Savouring every delicious mouthful,

The warmth lingers

And I enjoy the familiarity,

My safety net.

The net that I can turn to

Which encourages and

Makes me feel that all is well.


I can face anything now…

Thanks to my cuppa!


So where did this piece of writing come from?  Well, I follow a blog by Sandra Danby in which she has a feature called ‘Writer’s Block’  This piece came from her blog on coffee.  I love that this piece came from focussing on one of our 5 senses.  I hope you like it…

Thanks for reading.

Picture source:  https://zoeaustin.tumblr.com via Pinterest


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