Ideas to keep your kids reading over Summer

Ideas To Keep Kids Reading Over Summer Parenting Boredom Buster Activity

Ideas to keep your kids reading over Summer

When I was at school (all that time ago!), I remember when I went back after the long Summer holidays and it felt really odd to write again!  And this was waaay before we all had phones glued to ourselves and were texting all the time.  We generally had no need to write.  It’s the same with reading isn’t it?  It’s easy for our children to get out of the habit of reading over the summer break – no ‘carpet time’, no reading buddy to read to, no guided reading, no excitement of choosing a book from the library, no reading record to update…

oh wait!

We can do all of these things out of the school environment and maybe, just maybe make it even more fun than it is in school!  You should know that I’m passionate about literacy in our children and firmly believe in the building blocks it gives them in all areas of their learning.  But I’m always open to suggestions and I asked some fellow bloggers for their ideas on keeping kids reading over Summer.  Some of them I had already thought of (great minds think alike eh?):

Ideas To Keep Kids Reading Over Summer Parenting Boredom Buster Activity

Make your own books

Karen from The Mini Malpi says: How about making their own books?  My son has always enjoyed doing this and, now he’s started to learn to read and write, he could add his own words.

I’ve got fond memories of our now 8yo doing just that and I’ve still got them tucked away in ‘memory corner’!


Engagement is key

Claire from This Mummy Rocks suggests getting your child to choose their favourite book:  Use Pinterest to find engaging activities to link with the book or relating topics. Keep referring back to the book and re-read. Bring the book to life.

And let’s face it, there are so many ways to do this.  We just need a little extra inspiration by way of Pinterest as Claire says!


Make it personal

Emma at The Family Hub says that personalised books can be great for engaging little ones so much fun to be part of the story!


Make it fun!

Carla-Marie from Bump2Baby suggests making the book buying process fun: let them choose and have an hour no electrics – reading time only!!


Contact the author

This is one of my favourites and something I’d never have thought of.  Adam from You’ve Got All This To Come says: Get in touch with the authors on Twitter- ask a question or leave a comment, they’re usually willing to reply!


If all else fails…

And THIS from Jess at Tantrums to Smiles says: A reading den! Both my kids love a good den so sometimes I will set up a reading den in a shady bit of the garden. It can be as simple as a sheet over two chairs with a few books inside a jug of cool icy squash and a few biscuits. We have a lovely time reading together, enjoying a cold drink and getting out of the sun for a bit!

Our daughter has a little den in her bedroom which she chooses a book from for bedtime reading but i’m going to do this in the garden too.  Book, biscuits and bonding time.  Bliss!

It’s similar to Sarah’s idea from Digital Motherhood: Go to the library and let them pick as many books as they like. When you get home sit down with a drink and a snack and look at the books together.

Have you got any more ideas?  I’d love to hear!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere .


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16 comments to “Ideas to keep your kids reading over Summer”
  1. These are some great suggestions. My children are still too young to read alone as they still need me to help them but sometimes they are not motivated to read. I think I should look into the “create your book” or “put yourself in a book” because those sound fun and I think my girls will like them. Thanks for the great suggestions! #KCACOLS

  2. Great ideas. My sister always struggled a.lot with this for her with writing too. #kcacols

  3. Oh Carol I read and I read to the kids with the kids and I’ve yet to raise a little bookworm for all of my trying! Love these suggestions and definitely going to try some different tactics this summer! #kcacols

  4. Such great ideas for keeping reading fun over the summer. I’m quite lucky that both my children seem to enjoy reading at the moment, and I’m planning lots of trips to our local library in the holidays to take part in their summer reading challenge! x #KCACOLS

  5. These are great ideas! My boys and I head to the library a few times a week and they read a lot. We often read aloud a book together, listen to a book on CD in the car and then they each read their own thing too. I find letting them pick books (and put them right back down if they aren’t enjoying it) is key to helping them stay motivated with reading. #FabFridaysPost

  6. Our local library holds a reading challenge very Summer and we are always involve with it. We love reading here. Thanks for these great tips also. I’m liking the idea of making your own book.

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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