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Are you guilty of procrastination? I am.  Too much.

Having realised that I had sent tweets a-plenty, liked and commented on blogs a-plenty and talked about writing a-plenty – but not actually written anything for a while, I ditched the procrastination.  Yes, I did it!  How?

I set myself the target of writing for 15 minutes a day, in between the general day to day lifey things.  I went back to my love of writing, put pen to paper and scribbled away.  What a great feeling.  Just scribbling, not editting, going with the flow.  The editting comes afterwards.

Now that I’m back in the swing of it, I’m much more creative and feel so much happier for it.

When I say ‘creative’, I don’t mean that everything I’m writing is fiction.  No, I mean that I’m creating written pieces  Pieces written by me.

My therapy.  My way of relaxing.  My way of emptying my head and de-junking.

So, let’s raise a proverbial glass to writing.

Is it working for you like it’s working for me?


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Thank you.


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