Our Jam Packed movie adventure ~ #BoredomBuster Review


When this box came through the letterbox, I was very excited…


I had been expecting my Jam Packed Craft movie adventure box… well strictly speaking it was for our little girl but I was looking forward to joining in too.

I immediately loved the colourful outer layer and it caught our daughter’s eye too.  She wanted to know what was inside and so did I!


Containing everything we needed to make a home-made movie adventure, the box really and truly was jam packed with craft supplies!  That said, as the activity went on, I was really impressed with how little waste there was and that we had to use the box itself.  What a great idea!

Inside we found:

chalks for the clapper board (I think that’s what it’s called…!)

crayons for decorating the stage, curtains and audience

paint for the ‘stage’ (though our little girl preferred to colour it in and decorate it with the glittery star stickers supplied)

glue, a template for the ‘screen’, a film strip and even… get this

POPCORN!  Yes, really!

So there really was everything we needed.


First she coloured in the curtain surround


Then she created the film strip and couldn’t decide on Sleeping Beauty or Jack and the Beanstalk…


There was the popcorn preparation


…which intrigued our daughter because she had never heard popcorn popping in a microwave before.  We all tucked in to what was delicious popcorn!  Seriously, it’s one of the best I’ve ever tasted (5 stars here!).  And left a handful for the audience!

Next came the all important audience and setting the scene


Before the show itself… (see below for the vlog!) #Exciting!


This activity took the best part of an afternoon to create, which was just the right amount of time.  There were full instructions which were a little tricky to follow at the beginning with cutting the template out.  But really, our daughter had little input from me.  Then she was off creating!

Jam Packed Craft boxes are  ‘little boxes bursting with big ideas’ and this was certainly bursting – full to the brim!  I loved that this was a fresh idea for an activity.  There are adventure boxes and mini kits available.  I love the Fairy Door and bracelet mini kits – I know our daughter would too!

I for one have never seen anything quite like it before and that makes the adventure boxes worth the retail price of £12 (if this box is anything to go by) because you don’t have to add anything to the box at all.  Just imagination and perhaps a nice cuppa to go with the popcorn! 🙂

We had so much fun and it was great for bonding.  Although our daughter was quite happy to be left to her own devices for the colouring and sticking parts.

The creation is currently on her desk because she’s so proud of it and she even cut her first very short vlog (possibly the shortest vlog in the history of vlogs!… but it’s a good one!)

She’s clearly a star in the making because when she had cut that one, she vlogged another (including an alternative version of ‘Fe Fi Fo Fum’.  And we’ll just skirt around me forgetting the storyline!.. 🙂

From our experience, I’d highly recommend Jam Packed Craft boxes for those boredom buster moments, or any moment in fact!

You can follow Jam Packed Craft on social media to keep up to date with their products and to get some inspiration:

Visit their website and follow them on instagram, facebook and twitter.


*This is a review post but all opinions are my own.


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