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Paper.  How often do you use it for communicating these days?

There’s social media, mobile phones and even our bills are ‘dished out’ by email and paid online.  Almost everything can be done digitally.

As a lover of writing, I use paper daily.  I have a wad of plain scrap paper held together with a big bulldog clip.  I write notes galore in this notepad.  From notes for writing, to blog notes, they’re all in there.  It’s how I write.  It feels more ‘raw’ to write like this.

Knowledge grew because of paper.  Thanks to the Age of Enlightenment, people began to broaden their literary and reading horizons.  They began to absorb new information.  They found a new thirst for learning about the world.

Novels began as a series of written letters… on paper.  In the 21st century, rare is the occasion when a nice hand-written (or even typed) letter lands on your doormat.  Instead, we are obsessed with digital communication which happens so quickly that we trip ourselves up in the tangled strands of the world wide web.

As we muse on ‘paper’ and its decline in daily usage, take your time and join me in choosing just one friend (near or far) and send them a postcard.  Either from somewhere you’ve visited, or your home town (tourist information is a good source), pop a stamp on it (don’t forget their address – snail mail not email!)  or even hand deliver, and remind them that you are not just a virtual friend…

Then pop your mobile number on the postcard and all your social media links, just for good measure… 😉

This week’s #TheThemeGame with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘paper’.

Join in – it only takes a click!


The Theme Game


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