The joys of bedtime reading

Our daughter loves to read.  She always has done.  From back in her first year at school when her phonics learning grew before our very eyes, with sounding out, blending, understanding, expanding her vocab… She’s always thrived in her literacy.

I’ve never held back in my passion of reading with children.  Our daughter is proof that by reading to them every day, then with them, as they learn to read, their literacy goes from strength to strength.

One way that we’ve continued to instil books into our girl’s daily life is with the fabulous old-fashioned bedtime story.

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I’m sure that the vast majority of households with young children build this into the evening routine.  But what about when your young child is growing at an alarming rate both physically and mentally?  What when they don’t want you to read to them or even with them any more?

I knew it would come some day and at 7 years old, that day inevitably came.  However, every cloud as a silver lining!  Why?  Our daughter now asks me to read my book while she reads hers, “Let’s read in our heads, Mummy!”  I’m more than happy to oblige with this because it gives me some down-time and chance to read a few pages to!

And after ‘lights out’, the torch goes on.  At first, she did this on the sly but soon realised that she wasn’t being told off for not going to sleep straight away and now reaches for her torch when it’s lights out.  And so her little bedtime reading adventure continues for a little while longer each night.  I remember myself that there’s something about being immersed into another world, while tucked up in bed, reading by torchlight.  It takes the magic and imagination to another level…

She often reads the same books that I did, such as the Enid Blyton Magic Faraway Tree books.  And that to me, is the most magical thing about the bedtime reading.  I distinctly remember all those wonderful characters literally coming alive from the pages of the book.  What a wonderful time and what wonderful memories!

How did you feel when reading the bedtime story out loud disappeared from your child’s routine?  Or do you still have it, but in a different way, like us?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere.  And come and say hi on social media ~ 


Thank you 🙂

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  1. Oh my daughters love my old Enid Blyton books! My children all love reading thank goodness, I guess it helps that they have always seen hubby and I reading. They read every night too. My daughter April who is 9 is one of those children that carries book everywhere it is so sweet. #dreamteam

  2. We don’t read bedtime stories anymore since my baby girl was born and I’m quite upset with myself for not carrying it on. I’ve been telling myself to start again but I am so knackered by the time it gets to bedtime to even think about reading but I think I will have to try harder to start again. Bedtime reading is a great thing and when he gets older I’d like him to tell the bedtime story and I’ll listen. 🙂 #DreamTeam

  3. I used to read by torch light too when I was little. Not sure how I will feel when my little one no longer wants to read out loud together. But, it’s seems like you 2 have got into the swing of reading in your heads. Lovely. Thanks so much for linking up to the #dreamteam X

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