Just a little observation #2

Following on from a previous blog post ‘Just a little observation’, I bring you little observation #2 !

All you need is a coin. A 2 pence piece probably works best but it you’re really desperate, really determined and focussed, really addicted, a fingernail will do.  or a pen lid.  In fact anything with a reasonably sharp, sturdy edge.

Sitting in a cafe waiting for the hair dressers to open after the school run, a lady wheels her pushchair up, parks it up outside the cafe, lights up a cigarette and gets out a scratchcard.  She is a little unkempt, thin and her wirey hair could do with a good brush and maybe even a wash.  Her eyes are focussed on the prize… which she doesn’t win.  

I then watch her leave her little one (who is about 18 months old) in the pushchair, leg it to the cash point, then leg it to the shop to get… another handful of scratchcards.

She is clearly desperate to win as she furiously scratches away…  maybe it’s her birthday, maybe she’s feeling lucky.  Something tells me not.  Maybe she’s just plain desperate and quite possibly addicted.

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Thank you.

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