Learning a new life skill ~ Makaton sign language

Mr Tumble a.k.a. Justin Fletcher does it, our little girl’s school does it and now our little girl does it too.

No, they don’t all wear spotty dungarees and paint their noses red!

They all know Makaton sign language.

learning a new life skill and what it teaches us makaton sign language deaf communication

Shortly after our little girl settled at her new school, she began to greet us in the morning by saying and signing, “good morning”.  What a wonderful life skill to be able to master.  Along with her class, she also signed her way through her Christmas production.  Although she (thankfully) doesn’t have any issues with her hearing, learning this skill is teaching her so much.  At 6 years old, it’s a vital life lesson:

no matter what our abilities, we can all communicate with each other, we can all be included

Even more interesting, perhaps even more important at the age of 6 is that when she began signing at home, I asked her if there was a child in her class who couldn’t hear very well.  She didn’t know.  In other words, it’s not a big deal in the sense that no child(ren) has been singled out.  It seems it’s just being taught as a way of communicating.

Hubby and I absolutely embrace that our 6 year old is learning this skill and what it’s teaching her.  To encourage her even more, we’ve asked her to teach us how to sign now that she’s going to Signing Club.  Look out for a post soon to see if we’ve been doing our homework!…

What are your thoughts?  Has your little one been introduced to sign language?  Have you learnt to sign?

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6 comments to “Learning a new life skill ~ Makaton sign language”
  1. I never bothered to teach any of my babies sign language, but when #5 was developmentally delayed and a late talker, his Early Intervention specialist suggested we teach him ASL (American Sign Language, I live in the U.S.) And it helped! He’s now got about 40 words and I think signing first helped draw them out of him.

  2. OH lovely. My two both took sign lanuage as babies and younger but wish I kept up with the classes. Such a great thing to learn. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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