Letter to the NHS ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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‘Letter to the NHS’

Some people slate you and that’s their view

But me, I’ve got nothing but praise for you.

Your compassion, your patience, your hard graft with no breaks,

You feel pressure from everywhere, a special person that takes.


The National Health Service is made up of lots of them,

The passionate people making up the stem.

They’re what keeps the flower from falling down,

From going limp and wilting with a smile, not a frown.


The NHS has helped my family so very much,

They saved my life with a golden touch,

Our little girl’s too.  We wouldn’t be here

Without the care they give year on year.


Nurses, doctors, all the other staff too,

A big pat on the back for all that you do.

I’m the first to defend you when someone has a ‘go’,

This poem’s for you – thought you’d like to know.


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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  1. I totally agree! What a wonderful poem Carol. I’m going to share this with my sister who works so hard for the NHS as a physio. She’s absolutely love it. Fantastic poem! xx

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