“Look through the windows” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Poem ~ “Look Through The Windows”

As I republish this poem in the UK, it’s the time of year that many, many young people are starting school, on whatever level.  And as you read this poem, I believe that the words speak for themselves…

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Once upon a time someone took a brick,

Some cement and a trowel and then bit by bit…


They stacked one brick, then two, then three bricks then four,

On top of each other and then took some more…


They built some more walls until

there were four,

Added a roof, some windows, a lockable door…


The building was ready, but who had the key?

They looked at each other saying, “not you or me!”


“How do you get in?” they wondered aloud,

And looked at the building standing tall and proud…


Then someone came along with a book and a pen,

Opened the door and said, “Let’s get started then!”…


And then there followed a sight to behold,

More people walked through the door, I am told…


It was a doorway to learning, a place to strive,

To do your best, be your best from the age of ’bout five…


The adults were people, teaching what they knew,

Mr Price, Mrs Hoy, to name one or two…


They had a yearning to teach all that they knew,

Mr Hunt, Mrs Croxford, the school grew and grew…


Mrs Hucker, Mr Salton, the school was still growing

With a thirst for knowledge and appetite for knowing…


Mrs Duckmanton, Mrs Molesworth and others no doubt,

My memory’s foggy, who have I missed out?


Friendships were cemented, the knowledge was too,

Now the digger’s in the playground and the rubble is too…


The skyline is changing, it’s a moment in time,

“Do not enter – demolition site” reads the sign…


Now we look back but ahead to the future,

As the school welcomed a new Head called Miss Luter…


And through the years we’ve seen staff come and go,

The school moved to a new site “as we learn then we grow”…


It’s seen so much learning, this building half crumbled

“The end of an era” the old school has mumbled…


But look through the windows not yet broken and see

Happy memories belonging to you and to me…


By Carol Cameleon 2016


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  1. I don’t know why but this brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps. How beautiful to sum up bittersweet memories in such a great poem. The reminiscing of looking back and the positivity of looking forward. Brilliantly written. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  2. Schools are such emotive places, either in a good or bad way, and learning has such an important role in our lives. How sad the school has been knocked down – I love that the window is still there though(however temporarily)! #whatimwriting

  3. I love this poem – the way you’ve described the school being built brick by brick and then remembered the various teachers. How sad it must be to see it being demolished but I love the way you’ve finished the poem in such a positive way with a look ahead to the new school being built.

  4. Brilliant poem, at first I was reading it as a children’s book and then realised it was a personal look back at school, which made it so emotional! Really lovely read.

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