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Make a Night of ‘it’

You know when you’ve got tons of ‘stuff’ to do?

But you need to sit down, take ‘5’ just for ‘you’?…

A nice cuppa, take stock… another day done,

But the evening’s just started, there’s a battle to be won!


Be it the kids, the washing or ironing pile,

Your work’s not done yet, it could take a while…

So forget the cuppa, it’s not hot anyway!

Grab a glass of your tipple without delay…


You’ll need sustenance, nibbles, your wits about you,

Have you seen your list?!  There’s plenty to do!…

OR you could take that 5 minutes, make a night of it,

Have a date with the sofa and there you’ll sit,


Go on, kick back, relax, do whatever you please,

Have a night off with some nibbles and Netflix cheese!

Crikey, you don’t often give yourself free rein,

Feels good, doesn’t it? Remember to do it again!…

By Carol Cameleon 2015


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