Make YOUR positive change with #MakeAChangeIn5

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Make YOUR positive change

#MakeAChangeIn5 is all about positive thinking and making changes to benefit ourselves.

Sometimes what we want to change is small, sometimes big – it depends on our own, unique situations.

#MakeAChangeIn5 blog positivethinking Change WellbeingWhat matters is mindset

Taking steps to make those changes is what matters. It can take 5 seconds to decide to do something to make a change and 5 minutes, days, months or longer to make that change. My #MakeaChangeIn5 facebrook group is a supportive, closed group where you can say what you’d like to change, be accountable and get support and cheerleading along the way. As long as it benefits YOU, it can be anything you like! If YOUR change benefits others, that’s great.

Please do share any inspirational posts or quotes that fit in with the feel of the group. Thanks for joining in to make YOUR change!



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