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A few weeks before our little bear started school, we had a good old tidy up.

We cleared out a ton of baby toys and some pre-school toys.

We made her old cot into a desk.

We sorted out her uniform.

We talked about her starting school and planted the big girl’s school ‘seed’ well and truly in her little head (and ours!)

We put up a phonics wall frieze above her desk.

Like all parents, we’ve always encouraged our little bear to do well in her 3 Rs.  From reading to her from newborn and creating a little reading nook for her; from giving her easy access to pens, paper, glue, scissors, colouring-in pages on her desk and letting her grab empty packaging when the mood takes her to be creative, like the time she initiated a ‘Three Little Pigs’ homework model building session.

So when she came home from school one day and I did the usual ‘dive’ into her book bag, when I opened her Reading Record book and read that our little bear:


“Read this book with ease and with no help.  I have given her a more challenging book. Well done.”


When I flicked through said book and saw the long versions of the words ‘I am’, ‘that is’, ‘it is’ had been replaced by the short versions: ‘I’m’, ‘that’s’, ‘it’s’…  well I was just a teeny weeny ickle bit very proud!  It’s quite clear to me that our little bear is thriving with her reading and I’m certain that the phonics posters have had a helping hand.

The learning to read and write journey has been incredible so far and it gives me tingles to think where it’ll be going next!


Our little ones are like sponges and just need encouragement, don’t you think?


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    • It certainly seems to be helping Fiona! And it does help that she genuinely loves reading and writing. The first things she does when she comes home from school is look for her reading book in her book bag and ask how to spell things to write for her friends! 🙂

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