Mental Health ~ why we should keep talking about it

Mental Health ~ Why We Should Keep Talking About It And Empower Our Children

 Mental health is happening and is being talked about

Right now

And not just by ‘normal’ folk but by Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry.  And they show that mental health can happen to anyone.  Prince Harry has talked of how he was affected when his mother, Princess Diana died.

And Prince William has talked of how he and Kate will be encouraging their children to talk about their emotions as they grow up – not adopting a ‘stiff upper lip’ and bottling those feelings up.

Mental Health ~ Why We Should Keep Talking About It And Empower Our Children

The ups and downs

When we experienced a sudden family bereavement and began our rollercoaster of a journey, I remember clearly the ups and downs of emotions that I felt.  Once the shock subsided a little, I needed to talk about it, to get my feelings and thoughts out.  The tears came and went.  And came and went again and again, but the words that came expressed those tears and helped to make sense of a muddled situation.  And muddled it was.  Every single emotion was felt in quick succession, sometimes at the same time…

Let’s talk about it

And what Prince William talks about is vital; in encouraging children to talk about their emotions, we are telling them it’s okay to talk and that by not bottling things up, they are less likely to get the energy blocks that can lead to mental and physical illness further down the line.

It’s essential for a child’s mental health to talk about things, to feel empowered in doing so, to see and feel that they’re not weak, but perfectly normal for feeling these things, feeling thoughts, feeling the emotions that come with everyday life… and the not-so-everyday occurrences.  Sometimes we need a helping in hand finding the right words to tell children and young people about mental health and I’ve reviewed a book by Emily Palmer called ‘Scrambled Heads’ that I’d recommend for those times.

Let’s keep talking about mental health.  

The negatives and the positives…

  How do you approach the subject of mental health with your child? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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6 comments to “Mental Health ~ why we should keep talking about it”
  1. Yes, we should keep talking about metal health and I totally agree it’s so important to try and encourage children to talk about their feelings. Also to recognise that what might be a big issue to them may seem a bit silly to us but we still should listen and take them seriously x

  2. This is a fantastic post. I think you’re spot on, I know it’s something we will always try to be open and understanding about in our house xx #bloggerclubuk

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