Mini Pots of Care ~ Marie Curie Cancer Care

Our Little Bear’s school has been involved with the Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care.  And what a wonderful project to be involved with!

Marie Curie Mini Pots of care cancer daffodil bulb school project garden growing planting outdoors

Mini Pots of Care ~ Marie Curie Cancer Care

We recently brought home the daffodil bulb that our bear had planted at school and planted it in our (very sticky) garden.

We talked about why the daffodil bulb was grown in the first place.  Although it’s not a nice subject, hubby and I feel that it’s important for our little ones to appreciate why we have such charities as Marie Curie.

We’ve always tried to encourage our little bear to give a few pennies to charities who are officially collecting in the street or inside supermarkets.  Even if it’s just a penny in the collection pot, that penny will go towards helping someone, and that’s what’s important.

Many a time she’s popped her penny in the collection pot and felt that warm glow inside that we’ve all felt.  In the little booklet we received with the plant pot, Marie Curie UK says that the children involved with these projects can take the daffodil bulbs home to look after, just as their nurses care for people in their own homes.

What a great, child-friendly way to explain it and what a lovely, comforting thought.


Has your child’s school ever done anything like this?  How do you explain the ‘concept’ of charities like Marie Curie?

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