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So here’s the thing.  I needed inspiration for my ‘fantastic friday fiction’ offering.  

And here it is:

It was, quite simply, miraculous!  They had counted down to this moment from the second they had dared to announce to the world their happy news.

As every new parent does, both had held their breath while the Sonographer moved the dopplar over Louise’s tummy, which was yet to visibly swell.  Still staring at the screen in total awe of the slightly blurred image that had appeared, the Sonographer’s words were rather distant, echoey even.

Frank was suddenly aware of Louise squeezing his hand so much that the circulation would surely be cut off.  “So this is how it’ll feel during labour!” he mused to himself…

“Frank can you believe it?!” came Louise’s voice shrilling through his thoughts.

“Frankie, we’re having twins!!” came Louise’s ecstatic voice again.

“We’ll have it in stereo…” were Frank’s first thoughts.


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  1. A nice follow up to last week’s piece! I am curious about the different characters here – Louise is so completely in the moment whilst Frank seems somewhat distant… I hoe he’s not going to let her down! x

    • Thanks Sophie. I’ve got to say that I’m loving how this whole ‘saga’ is unfolding. I never intended for the writing for Nikki’s linky to follow this couple’s journey but it seems to be heading this way. We’ll have to see how Frank unfolds 😉 Because I don’t think I know yet either!…

    • I’m really enjoying getting inspiration from the quotes too Nikki! I suppose it’s my lazy way of finding a path to follow with my writing for your linky… The way it’s going, there may well be more to follow because I’d love to know what’s going to happen next 😉 I’ve just chosen the quote for tomorrow’s ‘Footnotes’ post and had to put my blinkers on so that I didn’t choose the one best fitted to the ‘story so far’. That’s part of the fun of it for me… having absolutely no clue what the story will be for the following Friday! Thanks for hosting Friday Fiction, it’s given me wings 🙂

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