Word of the week moody

First thing in the morning I tend to be black.  Until I’ve had a shower and then I go red.

A short while later I tend to go a beautiful turquoise… and here I seem to stay as the day progresses.

I treated myself to a mood ring and a couple of crystals this week.  We stopped off for an impromptu visit to a local stately home and popped into the shop after a tip-off about reasonably priced crystals.

To my delight there were mood rings for sale.  You see, I had one years ago but eventually the metal tarnished.  My new one will probably go the same way but for a couple of quid, I won’t quibble.

As I can’t normally wear metal or silver, I was surprised not to have a reaction.  Well, in fact I did have a reaction but only in so far as my body temperature heats up (or not) the metal which changes the ring’s colour and reveals my ‘mood’.  At least I think that’s how it works!… Either way, it’s very pretty.

Word of the week moody

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My #WordoftheWeek with  The Reading Residence just had to be ‘moody’!



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6 comments to “Moody”
  1. I had one years ago but it didn’t work, always stayed a dull brown all day and with my mood swings I know that’s not right! You may have inspired me to get a new one! 🙂

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