“Grandma, Mummy killed Talking Tom !”

Picture the scene:

Our Little Bear asks to go on ‘her’ ipad to look after Talking Tom (The ipad that is really mine!)  The app loads up and the picture’s all red.  If you’re not familiar with it, there are little icons at the bottom of the screen that denote whether Tom:

Needs sleep

Needs the toilet/a wash

Needs food

Needs cheering up

They change colour according to where his ‘happiness’ is, from empty to full.

They. Were. All. Red.


talking tom app grandma mummy killed bad mum club how not to play talking tom blog


Our Little Bear holds Talking Tom in such esteem that when she next spoke to Grandma, she said, “Grandma, Mummy’s killed Talking Tom!”.  Grandma did not know who or what Talking Tom was…  She does now!

I failed!  I didn’t keep checking in on Tom when Our Little Bear was tucked up in bed, safe in the knowledge that Tom was in good hands.  Or not!

One deleted app and one re-installed app later and Talking Tom started off a brand-spanking new life!

Lesson learned.  For now…

I was never any good at keep the Tamagochi alive either.  And that was in the days when all I had to concern myself about was homework and who was number 1 in the Top 40.  I didn’t have the escuse of running a house and working back then!

What have you ‘killed’ of your child’s?  Go on, ‘fess up.  Your secret’s safe with me 😉


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12 comments to ““Grandma, Mummy killed Talking Tom !””
  1. Oh dear – hope little bear was ok. My son got very upset the other day when the house he’d meticulous built on minecraft got burnt down by a fire (a fire on minecraft, I hasten to add) – I didn’t have a clue how to stop the fire and his big brother (who is a pro at such things) was out! Oh, the drama! xx

  2. Ha ha! I regularly kill Tom AND Angela (she’s even MORE demanding!) But i secretly like playing on it too and get really cross when Gus uses all my hard earned coins to make them fat! #iamaloser! #thetruthabout

    • Hahaha yes, our little bear likes going into the kitchen and buying oodles of yoghurts/ice cream/strawberries! I’m sure that Tom must be getting a bit fed up with it by now 😉 Have not tried Angela yet… best not, might turn into a serial killer lol

  3. He hee! At least Tom is something you can resurrect! I can imagine that scenario where you kill a goldfish and then have to go out and try and buy an identical fish to cover it up! Fortunately we don’t have pets – not even talking Tom! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X

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