Need a reason to be a writer? Read this!

As a writer, nothing quite compares to ‘getting in the flow’ and just writing.

Sounds obvious? Well, maybe.

I mean, there are different forms of writing aren’t there? Novels and novellas, short stories, poetry, limericks and even writing in a journal.

They’re all expressing yourself through writing, even a gratitude journal which is a great form of (cheap!) therapy by the way!

For many people, including me, writing is a way to sort out my headspace, to sift through the million and one thoughts, ideas, concerns whirring through my mind.

Sometimes what translates from my head to paper/screen might be nonsense. But that’s okay. Because it’s my nonsense!

It’s like my writing tool is my chance to defrag, just like a computer.

As a rule, I prefer to write, actually write with a pen. Sometimes a pencil. Rarely do I sit and type.

On my blog you won’t find much raw material. It’s usually been edited, polished, fine-tuned. Why? Because that’s my perfectionist side. For me, the writing has to flow by using punctuation and the correct rhythm for the stanzas for a poem. I really should be a proofreader because it takes a few criticial eyes over my work before I’m ready to publish.

So, why do I write?

For me…

For my readers…

For my never-resting creative brain!…

I hope you enjoy my writing here on my blog.

Now, over to you!

What do you like to write?

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6 comments to “Need a reason to be a writer? Read this!”
  1. I like to write because content creation is something I’ve enjoyed for ages! Plus the readers and fans give me added satisfaction when someone appreciates my work! #kcacols

  2. I love to write absolute nonsense. Crazy out of the box things that would make Dr Suess go “what?!” I love the freedom of words, how you can create an intricate world of whatever you want. There are no rules. Writing is freedom. I miss writing fiction, I stopped when I first started getting poorly with my mental health, I think it’s time I revisited it. Thank you for the inspiration #KCACOLS

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