Why the new year is like an adventure playground ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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Why the New Year is like an adventure playground


Do you feel obliged to make resolutions for the new year?

Or is feeling left out the ultimate fear?

In this playground called life, adventure awaits,

“Stop, I want to get off!”.. . “Not likely!” says fate!


In this playground, monkey bars are an elusive goal,

Arms and legs sprawling haphazardly, knees wrapped round a pole,

New Year is a chance to shed the old skin for new,

Shake off the bad habits cos it all starts with you!


The ‘boingy thing’ on the spring, be it lion, horse or elephant,

Is great for the toddlers, not so good for the drunk,

Who thinks it funny to spring all over the place,

An easy dare til it snaps, falling flat on their face.


The zip wire, if you’re daring is a whole heap of fun,

There’s no stopping once you start, like the buffet at mum’s,

You know you should be ready, be raring to go,

But you’ve had time off, can’t co-ordinate, oh no!


Alas, none the less, it’s time to get real,

To ditch the slippers and PJs, plan the family meal,

The blissfulness of winter walks are so yesterday,

As you scrape the ice from the car for the motorway.


It’s an effort to make the swings both sway in synch,

To keep a steady pace on the roundabout, to make yourself think,

To get back into gear, shrug off the holiday haze,

But no fear, for there’s only 364 more days!


By Carol Cameleon 2017


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