#PaperyPeep ~ mini libraries, colouring tables and a little collage

It’s been a while since I joined in with Papery Peep so here’s a collection in pictures (mainly).
I’m starting off with the main blog pic; our daughter left this little lot on the table just as you see it here.  A perfect photo opportunity!  I love the cat, don’t you? 🙂
 I’ve shared a few pictures on instagram lately of our girl’s reading matter…
It’s a daily occurence for her to come downstairs to breakfast with a book under her arm or in her hand.  In between mouthfuls and general chat, she always reads a book.  I can’t remember when this first happened but we’ve never discouraged her from bringing a book to the table.  Sometimes our days are so busy in the week that the ‘only’ reading she does (apart from at school, which I don’t get to savour!) is at breakfast and bedtime.
I truly hope she never loses her love of reading.  Strange really – I embrace that she can read to herself but a part of me misses sitting down every day like we used to and me reading to her.  I think that stage is withering out now…  But strange because I embrace with pride this newest phase of her reading journey 🙂
On to the pic below and who in the UK remembers the Griffin savers dictionary?  The you got free when you opened a Midland Bank young savers account?! (Showing my age!!)  Our daughter has claimed mine, which I don’t mind at all.
You can just about see the cat diaries top and bottom in the end column there.  Chosen by our daughter, of course (had to be cats!)  The ‘best mummy ever!’ card totally melted my heart and is on the wall next to my desk.  The final picture is of the Message in a Bottle postcards.  I’ve been involved in the launch of this book for children and it’s coming to end now…
Finally, it’s been while since Stephanie from Lifeat139a very kindly sent me this book as a random act of kindness.  And it’s been a good few months since I finished it.
Our little girl was at a birthday party, hubby was at work that same afternoon and I took myself into the garden to read ‘Missing, Presumed’ by Susie Steiner.  I chilled out and got stuck in.
This was definitely one of those books that I found very hard to put down due to its readability.  Each chapter effortlessly flowed into the next, with questions being raised and left unanswered from the beginning.
I didn’t make any notes when I finished this (which is what I would normally do when reviewing a book) and because it’s a while since I read it, I’m not going to attempt a ‘review’.  Suffice to say that I felt a little lost when I’d finished it (you know it’s a good one when that happens) and there was satisfaction at reading it quite quickly – around 3 weeks.  (Unlike Jocelyn at The Reading Residence who seems to get through one in 3 days!)
Aside from wanting to thank my virtual friend for kindly posting it out to me, I genuinely feel it deserves a good mention.
Pop it on your reading list!


Have you been writing, reading or even colouring recently?  Do you remember that dictionary?!  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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  1. Oh, how lovely to receive a surprise book in the post, the very best of happy mail, I think. Glad you enjoyed it so much – I don’t read all books in 3 days…just some..! It’s great to raise a little bookworm, a real pleasure to see them getting so much from reading. Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep

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