Parenting – How to teach your child ‘consequences’

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Parenting: sometimes it goes to plan, sometimes it doesn’t.  I recently shared how we are teaching our little girl the value of money. Here’s the post again if you missed it.  A few nights ago I replied to a comment on this very blog of mine that our little girl is seeing the consequences of her non-actions.  That is, she went to tick the box on her ‘job sheet’ that showed she had tidied downstairs.  But I put my finger over it, pointing out that she had decided not to tidy downstairs.
I might add as an aside here that I had already given hubby the discreet ‘heads-up’ that we might have a meltdown on our hands.  Why?  Because she had decided not to tidy.  I pointed out to her just the once that she wouldn’t get her coins if she didn’t tidy and she was fine with this.  So I didn’t push it and got her ready for bath time.  It was at this opportune moment that I told hubby to brace himself and that we had to see it through because otherwise, what’s the point in doing it all?  He agreed.  Good.  We were solid, our armour was polished and there was no chink in it!
So, as I was saying before my ‘aside’, as per every other night, I reminded our little girl after her bath that she needed to tick some boxes off her job sheet.  She merrily ticked away, telling me what each box was for.  My finger remained over the offending box and she jumped up to tidy what I (purposefully) had left.  Et voila, the box was ticked, she counted the coins that she had earned that day and she was a happy little girl who had seen the consequences of choosing not to do her little job.
To me, this proves that we’re heading in the right direction with the pocket money ‘concept’.
What have you done to show your little one ‘consequences’?
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