A perfect messy place ~ poem


Before we moved house, I wrote this poem about a messy place session in our garden.  Now, the words don’t really apply because our garden is small and we haven’t got any grass!  But the sentiment’s still there 🙂

A perfect messy place

“Let’s make something”,

Said our daughter to me,

As she ran out on

The grass with glee.


Her little toes,

Her little feet,

The sun was out,

And what a treat!


From our treasure hunt,

We had some ‘loot’

We’d had fun,

We’d had a hoot!


Making in the garden…

A perfect messy place;

A moment to treasure,

At a leisurely pace.


With paper, glue,

Sparkles, glitter,

Butterflies fluttered,

Birds went twitter.


What a lovely moment,

What a lovely day,

But the best bit?

Hardly any tidying away!


Do you go outside ‘creating’, whether you’re all wrapped up or bare foot in the warmer months?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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