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Hairdryer It Dry Poem For Wonderful World of Writing Blog Linky

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 Hairdryer It Dry Poem For Wonderful World of Writing Blog Linky

Hairdryer it dry

Splodging and splashing through puddles galore,

I’m beginning to wonder what it’s all for…

I’ve come all this way for a Summer event

Yet from the showers been no relent!


With just my rucksack for ease of travel,

I watch my wonderful plan unravel;

Drip by drip, bit by bit, my plans go to places

Are cut short by deep puddles, cutting off the bases.


I walk along boldly, brolly stands to attention,

And the bus that splashed me?  I just won’t mention…

Time for hot chocolate and to rest my feet,

Of course ‘cos it’s raining, can I find a seat?!


Despite all this water, all this localised flooding,

I remind myself of the adventure awaiting,

It’s exciting to be here, me myself and I,

Who cares for the weather; hairdryer it dry!


By Carol Cameleon 2017

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