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 Their Eyes Sparkle Wide Poem Wonderful World Of Writing Blog Linky

When Their Eyes Sparkle Wide


When I looked through her school bag for homework and slips

I found an envelope inside, “To the parents of Miss…”

Absent-mindedly I thought, “It’s likely about SATS.”

As I skim-read, blah blah, wait, “I’m delighted that…”


Wait, what?  Slow down, the letter’s not what I thought,

The pride rushed right through me like a proud mummy’s ought;

I read it again, word by word, slowly this time,

Taking in each syllable, the wonder all mine…


There have been moments a-plenty in my days as a Mum

When my heart’s near burst open, and this moment is one;

Reading on some more, I called our daughter to look,

Slowly, precisely she read, “…poem published in a book!”


Our girl’s wonder, amazement, her eyes sparkling wide,

Her poem to be printed and read far and wide!

She’d penned a poem at school and handed it in,

Of 11,000 entries, the judges’ decision was ‘win’!


And it is a ‘win’ cos it’s amazing and believe it or not,

Her original, own poem is in the final ‘lot’;

She’s been chosen from thousands, she’s our little star

Our creative, wonderful daughter, see her talent go far…


By Carol Cameleon 2017

What’s your happiest memory of opening your child’s bag?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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    • Well, I like to think I’ve been a little something of an inspiration Dawn. She’s certainly never been lacking in encouragement! And thanks for the words of encouragement on the linky 🙂

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