The reading bug – a rare species?

Reading bug Bookworm Read Books Library Wellbeing Self Care

 The reading bug has well and truly bitten round here lately

I say ‘lately’ but it’s now May and I started reading again in January.  I was striving for some me-time, for some screen-free time (though I’m still toying with an e-reader of some form!) and to read something that’s, frankly, not blog-related!
Reading bug Bookworm Read Books Library Wellbeing Self Care

Yes, the reading bug has been a rare species around here.

I found a way to get back into reading when I stumbled upon Bookish Mamas (a reading group on facebook), got stuck into the first read and I was off!  I started reading that first book part way through January which gave me 2 weeks to finish it before the live discussion.  On average, I had to read 25 pages a day to be finished for the discussions.  And I did it! 🙂  I find that giving myself the goal of reading 25 pages a day works really well and spurs me on.  It’s manageable and I also feel like I’ve achieved something!
My book challenge is to read 12 books in 2018, so a book a month.  I’m smashing it and I’m loving it and actually addicted.  I’m something of a bookworm again.  The inconvenience of mundane, every day life can get in the way but I’ve managed to find time for my books.  I’ve only had to abandon one book because I wasn’t feeling it.

The library – an endangered species?

My current read, “The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah is a library book.  We live in a small (but developing) town and I wasn’t sure if I’d have to pay to reserve a coy.  I didn’t, so I utilised my local library and am now whizzing through it!  I used to love taking our now 8yo to our library and love that I’m supporting our local again.  I love to do this because I feel like
Our 8yo is seeing me read every day/night and she does the same.  She’s got the reading bug too and what a great hobby to have!  We’ve just had the most glorious Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and I’ve taken a dive right into my reading.
When I was growing up, it was rare for my Mum not to have a book on the go.  In fact, I’d like to bet that there was never a time when she didn’t.
It’s such a great hobby to have.  There are so many genres out there; fact or fiction, long or short, different formats.  However or wherever you choose to read, whatever genre or format, it doesn’t matter!  In our fast-paced digital world, with so much online, isn’t it lovely to have a chance to slow down, even to stop, to breathe and to escape.

Let’s get reading!

Have you got the reading bug?  Did someone close to you read a lot when you were younger?  Do you like to read in front of your children to encourage reading?   I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.
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26 comments to “The reading bug – a rare species?”
  1. It’s so important for kids to see grown ups reading books when we’re so used to relying on our phones for everything. Glad your bookworm bug has you firmly in its grip. I haven’t read fiction for years but enjoy non-fiction when my toddler will let me pick up a book!

  2. I love reading both real books and on the Kindle and am pleased my girls have the reading bug as well. My mum used to read to me and I did the same to my girls when they were younger.Now I often have to tell them to turn off their lights at night or they’s be reading until midnight! #KCACOLS

  3. I always had my head stuck in a book for as long as i can remember but the last few years not so anymore. I used to read to escape the kids, but now they’ve left home, I have no need of ‘me time’ I did pick a book up last month and spent the whole day reading it, so there is hope I’ll read some more. #bestbootforward

  4. My late Mum always encouraged me to read saying books have the power to get you through the lonely times. Both Mum and Dad read loads and books arrived for me through the post and I was taken to the library weekly. So I read a lot right through school, university and my first jobs and then I became a parent and apart from reading to the children, reading just died for me with lack of time,depression and the rest. As I rediscover who I am one baby step at a time, I am carving out time to read and it is like rediscovering an old lover if that is not too dramatic! #BestBootForward

  5. i love reading and like you, just discovered our library and the ability to reserve books and go pick them up. for free !! it’s amaze. my aim this year is 25 books for 2018. im well on my way. i’ve been blogging what i read each month. you should go take a look 🙂 #KCACOLS

  6. I have fond memories of laying across a bed with my gram, both of us engrossed in our respective books. So far my daughter loves to read, I look forward to these days with her in the future #KCACOLS

  7. Ive recently utilised my Library and reserved and borrowed Cows by Dawn O porter. It’s fab and one of the characters is actually a blogger. It was recommended by Laura from Five Little Doves. Defo give it a go. I’m “new” to reading at 34. I’ve always been more of a screen girl. I also studied P&P at A Level in reference to your other post but most of my studies I based on the screen adaptation and only bothered with the parts of the book we read in class.


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