5 reasons pets are good for a child

5 reasons pets are good for a child

Being a household with 2 pets, I don’t need any convincing as to the benefits of our pets on our 8 year old daughter.  They have and continue to teach her very important life skills.  I’d like to share with you 5 reasons pets are good for a child (with a little help from some lovely blogging friends):
5 Reasons Pets are Good for a Child

Pets teach children about responsibility

When we bought our Daisy dog home, our 8 year old learnt that she had to be responsible and walk her with us, even when she didn’t really want to.  In the mornings when my hubby has left for work, it’s down to us to give Daisy her morning walk round the block.  Not only is she being responsible, our daughter loves this morning walk which also wakes her (and me) up!

They help teach children about patience

With all of our pets, our 8 year old has learnt patience.  From not petting them when they’re eating to not petting them when they’ve had flea treatment and they’ve got sticky necks!  Though we always put the treatment on at night-time, she’s still had to learn.

Vicki from Family Travel with Ellie says: “We have always had animals and I think they are wonderful for children to grow up with. They teach unconditional love, respect and responsibility.”

and about respect

Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris says: “One of our cats is so calm and chilled and loves any attention. Ben has now learnt to go over to him and gently stroke him, even putting his finger out first to make sure Leo is ok to be approached. It’s helped him learn the ways of approaching animals calmly to get the best response from them.”
Pete from Household Moneysaving agrees: “Having animals helped teach my children about temperament. I had a cat that was very friendly, but could occasionally get annoyed when wound-up and bite! They learned to treat her nicely and always asked strangers if it was OK before stroking their dogs.”
And Laura from The Mamma Fairy says: “We have working sheep dogs and I can see it has taught my pair loyalty respect and compassion as the dogs will only work for those that earn their trust.”

and they teach them about death

Sara-Jayne from Keep up with the Jones Family says: “Our huskies have been the best thing for the boys – they’ve taught them more life lessons than I could ever have imagined. When Casanova the oldest husky was diagnosed with cancer, they learned about life and heartache – and loss.”

Natalie from Plutonium Sox also says: “Teaches children about death. Much better for their first experience to be when a beloved pet dies than a family member. My children understood when close family died because they’d experienced the loss of a pet.”

finally, they don’t judge


When our daughter started school, she would come home and while I was sorting tea out in the kitchen, I would hear her chatting to our then-kittens about her day.  She was in their world, telling her all about it.  Any parent knows that often when we ask our children about their day, we’re told it was ‘okay’ or similar.  By hearing her little chats with the pets, she was getting a little end-of-day therapy which was just lovely for her and us!


Louise from Pink Pear Bear says:”Pets don’t judge! If one of the kids is being a nightmare or having a bad day and takes themselves off for some alone time you can guarantee Barney our dog will go and join them and just sit quietly with them. He loves them regardless.”

How about you?  Have you got anything else to add to my list?  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

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18 comments to “5 reasons pets are good for a child”
  1. Lovely post! We don’t have a pet of our own but my daughter spends a lot of time with my parents’ dog and it has really helped her with the concepts of respect – and understanding that not all toys are hers! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  2. A brilliant post. We don’t have pets – unfortunately the Hubby grew up with a mother who had far too many pets and it put him off ever having any.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  3. We have five cats, four chickens and some fish. I was determined that having a baby wouldn’t change the amount animals we have because I know it’s good for them. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  4. Great post lovely. I wish I was confident enough to say yes to having a pet in the house. It would be a dog, if we ever did get a pet. My eldest daughter loves dogs and she is so confident, but I’m not so yet! #KCACOLS

  5. I agree with everything you’ve said. I grew up with dogs and their presence shaped a lot of my childhood. My family life revolved around a dog – holidays, days out, playing in the garden all involved the dogs. Our set up at home is different though. I am a stay at home mum right now but will be going back to work in the summer. The way I know to raise dogs is to be there for them or at least have people close by to help when I am away. Unfortunately we aren’t in that situation and so having dogs (I am allergic to cats) isn’t really feasible. We have fish though…almost the same thing!

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