5 reasons pets are good for our mental health

5 Reasons Pets Are Good For Our Mental Health Wellbeing

5 reasons pets are good for our mental health

Being a household with 2 pets, I don’t need any convincing as to the benefits of our pets on my mental health.
But it’s not just my health that benefits of course – my hubby’s and our 8 year old daughter’s benefits too.
As someone who has experienced depression in the past (and knows how easily it can rear its ugly head again),  I’d like to share with you 5 reasons pets are good for our mental health (with a little help from some lovely blogging friends):
5 Reasons Pets Are Good For Our Mental Health Wellbeing

The unconditional love

Our pets know when something’s wrong with us.  Be it physically or mentally.  They just know don’t they?  When I was younger, our little dog would lay her head in your lap if you were poorly.  While I had the loving concern and attention of my Mum, our dog’s concern and attention was somehow different.  It was on a different level.  When Mum was getting me soup or changing my bed clothes or washing them, our dog would always be there when Mum couldn’t be by my side.
Amy from epsandamy says: Getting the kids outside for a dog walk! Off the technology and playing together in the fresh air. 

Pet therapy

Going on from being poorly, they’re also therapeutic.  When you’ve had a stressful day (or even when you haven’t), your cat rubbing up against your legs and settling into your lap, or your dog sitting by your feet while you stroke their head is calming to them and you.
Ross from Isablog says: I also think they help me a lot as I find my dogs quite calming. After having a baby scream at you sometimes it’s nice sitting down for a cuddle!
While Eileen from 2nerdsandababy says: They’re good company when my partner is working away.
And Emily from twinmummyanddaddy agrees saying: For me, I’ve always had pets. I find having a pet quite therapeutic!

They get you outside

Okay so this doesn’t apply to all pets but with dogs, they need to stretch their legs and get some exercise.  Quite often they might not want to venture out in all weathers and all climates but you know they do, and so as a responsible dog owner, you get them and you outside.  And it’s so true that often what we need to unplug, to get out into the fresh air and into nature.
Jo from TheKnightTribe says: [They are a] companion for our family [and] for my mental health as she needs her walks everyday.

They give us a purpose

Tied in with the previous point, how tempting is it to just mong around in your PJs on a weekend?  Even if you’ve been up at the normal weekday time, it’s very easy to just lounge around.  Too much lounging around isn’t good for our mental health.  It can turn to procrastination.  With any pet you have to feed them, clean their living area and show them some attention.  It’s called ‘purpose’ and motivates us to do something worthwhile.

They can turn a bad mood around

Few things can lift my mood more than our puppy coming running for me, wagging her tail when I get in from work or the shops or anywhere.  If I’ve had a stressful day, our puppy immediately melts (or quite often tries to lick) that away!  It’s not just me either.  I love to see her greet my hubby and daughter when they get home.  It’s that unconditional love again isn’t it?
Louise at PinkPearBear says: It’s also good if they [the children] get wound up or angry as they can go and throw his {the dog’s] ball as far as they can down the garden and within a few minutes they are laughing and out of their bad mood as he goofily brings it back again and again!
How about you?  Have you got anything else to add to my list?  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

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  1. My house has been pet-free for a little over a year and it’s definitely a noticeable difference. We’re not ready to bring a new pet into our home quite yet, we really do miss our furry friends, so we get our fix at the local animal rescue and shelter, socializing kittens and walking the doggies.

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