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Welcome to another #TheZenZing where I share how you can put the energy back into your life! Last month to kick-start my blog series, I shared the benefits of drinking lemon water to boost your immunity.  Give it a try and let me know what you think by tweeting @AllSortsHere.

This month, is all about relaxing – yes relaxation is vital for giving you more energy too.  So how do you relax?  More importantly, do you relax?  Or do you relentlessly keep on going, from A to B to Z and all the places in between?… Relentlessly, without taking a breath…

The answer is likely to be that you don’t take time to relax properly, that you don’t take time to breathe properly.

It’s worth noting here that by ‘relax’ I don’t mean winding down in front of social media (though social media does have a place for relaxation – just not before bedtime…)

Think on this ~ breathing allows oxygen into our bodies, into our bloodstream and into our vital organs.  And if done properly or with mindfulness, breathing properly can make you more alert, more aware and therefore give you that much-needed energy.

You should simply take a natural, deep breath.  Right now .  Take a deep breath but don’t ‘hold on’ to it.

Let it go, exhale… all the way, slowly.

Then, naturally allow another breath to follow and then let that breath go too… exhale.

You will soon feel the benefit of your breath coming and going at its natural pace.

You’re focussing on your breath without even realising.  You’re allowing your abdomen to rise and fall with your natural breath.

Next time we will look at how to quiet your mind while breathing with mindfulness.

It’s #TheZenZing…

Though not a qualified holistic therapist, I practice meditation and mindfulness, along with breathing techniques and find this works for me.


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6 comments to “And relax …breathe with #TheZenZing”
    • It really is so blissful Vicky and I’m totally in my ‘zen’ when I take time out to conciously do it. As for yoga, well I’m about to relinquish my yoga journey of yesteryear and I may well blog about it for this series 😉

  1. I love this and I could use more calm and relaxation in my life at the moment with two hyper toddlers on my hands. lol Great advice. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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