Relish Autumn ~ #poem


There’s something so cosy when autumn comes knocking on the door; sitting and chilling with it raining outside.

After a perfect summer, I feel ready for autumn now and I’m celebrating it with a poem…



Relish Autumn

The hats, scarves and glove sets are in the shops,

Summer sales are on show too.

I love the change of seasons,

From green leaves to a golden hue.


The leaves that curl and crisp,

As they dangle in mid-air,

It’s journey’s end for them,

As they float to no-where.


But does their journey end

As they meander to the ground?

There’s life after death

Where inspiration can be found.


Artwork can be created

in many, many ways;

Like atmospheric instagrams

Of ‘kicking through leaves’ days!


And you won’t find a family home

With small children living there

Without a fridge door full up

With art to make an ‘Autumn Fayre’.


Take a piece of ‘living art’

Created by our daughter;

A snapshot of our memories

And our mini park adventure!


So as you wave goodbye to summer

And the lazy, hazy days,

Relish autumn’s millionth leaf,

Natural beauty in many ways.



By Carol Cameleon


What do you love about autumn?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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7 comments to “Relish Autumn ~ #poem”
  1. I love the very bright sunshine we get on some days, it’s has a very different feel/look to summer sunlight. Picking blackberries and eating crumble with custard is a fave! #prose4T

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