Review ~ All natural HAPS Superfruit and boosters drink

Review ~ All Natural HAPS Superfruit And Boosters Drink For Your Wellbeing And mental health

All natural HAPS Superfruit and boosters

This is not just a healthy drink, there is a real science behind it.

And it’s all natural because it contains whole fruit powders and boosters which increase serotonin production naturally, rehydrate, revitalise and improve mental wellbeing.  Anything that boosts your mood naturally has got to be a good thing.  And while we’re talking about serotonin… it’s really worth taking a few minutes to watch this little video which explains all about how serotonin works, alongside vitamins and minerals.  

A bit of the story behind We are HAPS

Rik is the founder of We are HAPS and has experienced depression and anxiety first-hand.  Frustrated at taking supplements, he’s gone all out to help others and has produced HAPS.  In his own words, “although I’m much better now, I need to help others.”

And that’s exactly what he’s aiming to do.

The packaging’s bright

My little parcel popped through my letterbox in a simple cardboard box (no ‘sorry we missed you cards’ = win!).  Nothing over the top, just plain simple.  The box was easy to open and inside were 3 sachets in a lovely sunshine colour, along with a nice bright HAPS card just to brighten my day a little more.

Review ~ All Natural HAPS Superfruit And Boosters Drink For Your Wellbeing And mental health


So is the drink any good?

Well first you have to make it up by adding a sachet of the powder to 250ml of water.  After a thorough mix to avoid lumps and bumps, you’re good to go.  Yes, that’s it – nice and simple.  The drink’s gentle yet nice and zingy on your tastebuds.  The citrus isn’t too overpowering and if you mix it right, the texture isn’t too powdery on your tongue.  I found it very pleasant, though I don’t think I’d drink it everyday.  Incidentally, it’s definitely worth reading the FAQs on the website about the frequency and when to drink and not to drink HAPS.

Review ~ All Natural HAPS Superfruit And Boosters Drink For Your Wellbeing And mental Health

With an RRP of £16 for 7 sachets to £38 for 21 sachets and a pouch for £49, it’s pretty good value, given that you’re not advised to drink it every day (again, see those FAQs people).

To recap with the main benefits

Help regulate mood, appetite and sleep by naturally boosting serotonin

Improve your response to stress with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D & Zin

Support your immune system & skin health with superfruit Baobab

Stay alert throughout the day with sustained energy from Coconut healthy fats

Keep hydrated with added electrolytes to aid the flow of nutrients in the body

You can shop their range of products here.

And you can follow HAPS on social media:

Visit their website and follow them on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

*This is a review post but all opinions are my own.


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