Review ~ Aqua Carpatica natural mineral water

Review Of Aqua Carpatica Water

Review ~ Aqua Carpatica natural mineral water

Water.  We can’t survive without it.
Given that I drink a lot of water, I’m a pretty good ambassador for the stuff!  I know about the benefits, and feel them too.
Aqua Carpatica is “The purest natural sparkling mineral water in the world.” according to the marketing material.  Quite a claim and one that may put you off if, like me, you’re not a huge fan of sparkling water and prefer your water still.
In the interests of this review, I tried the sparkling and actually liked it, finishing a whole small bottle to myself!)
That said, I’ve since reverted back to still water.  So, let’s stick to the still for the main purposes of this review.
Review Of Aqua Carpatica Water

You may think that all water tastes the same.  I know that I did.  Well, that’s where you’re wrong. And with the following benefits of Aqua Carpatica, I was keen to try it for myself.
  • This brand has one of the lowest levels of sodium in natural mineral water in the world.
  • The sparkling water is not just naturally sparkling but also naturally nitrate free.
  • The sparkling version provides nearly 24% of an adult’s daily needs in calcium per litre and also important quantities of magnesium.
These benefits made me wonder if the intial almost stale after taste that I was experienced was due to the low sodium and no nitrates.  This may be what water in its purest form is supposed to taste like.
There’s no doubt that drinking Aqua Carpatica made me feel good about myself for these very reasons.
However, it’s always baffled me how water that’s come through rocks can be considered pure.  Surely it’s actually dirty?  Well not so, because millinos of years of volcanic activity have enriched the water with minerals.

The packaging

Review Of Aqua Carpatica Water

As you can see, there are lots of different sizes to suit different lifestyles and budgets.  If it was out shopping and in need of water, I would probably buy Aqua Carpatica if the benefits were more immediately obvious on a shelf with lots of competition.

My friend actually said that glass bottles reminded her of olive oil or bubble bath and the only way you would think it was water inside was possibly from the logo.  However the plastic bottles are much more suited to your ‘stereotypical’ bottle of water.  Perhaps that’s the brand is trying to get away from: stereotyping mineral water and making you wonder what it is…

Worth the money?

The prices for 500ml of both still and sparkling are 65p; for 1.5 litres of still is 99p and sparkling is £1.09.
 With that in mind…

If I could change anything…

 It would actually be to drink a bottle of this every day among my normal tap water, to balance out the sodium levels, fluorides and nitrates.  Because I do see the benefits of this.  But for now, seeing as I already pay for my tap water, I’m sticking to refilling my drinks bottle and having Aqua Carpatica once or twice a week.

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What would you choose from their website?

*I was sent a range of  Aqua Carpatica to review free of charge but all opinions are my own.

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