Review of Awebox

Review of Awebox a Customisable Subscription Box

Review of Awebox

What is Awebox?  It’s a fully customisable subscription box where you get to choose from 5 categories that interest you (or the person you’re buying for).  Which brings me nicely onto the ‘box’ options.  You can subscribe for monthly boxes, purchase one-off boxes or buy a gift card.

Review of Awebox a Customisable Subscription Box

The quirkiness of the contents added a little bit of extra character to my box.   But before we get onto that…


How about the packaging?

Due to the fact that this was gifted to me for review purposes, I’d actually forgotten about it.  So when I had to pick up a slightly-bigger-then-medium sized parcel, I had no clue what was inside.  On the outside of the inner layer was ‘Awebox’ proudly displayed, quite simply on the brown reinforced cardboard box.  On opening the box, I was greeted with a sea of pretty dark  blue shredded paper.  Even the quality of this added to the experience.  It reminded me alot of lucky dips which added to the fun.

And what was inside?

Immediately, I was drawn to the nail varnish by Essie even though it was the smallest product.  What a lovely, summery colour and hey, even lovely to brighten up darker days too!  I couldn’t wait to put some on.  Now I’m not a massive nail varnish wearer and go through phases of weeks without having a chance to, or remembering to put any on.  But this was a great reminder.  It went on really well and didn’t take long to dry.  Me and nail varnish don’t wear well.  By that I mean that it chips very easily and that annoys me about nail varnish in general.  I have to say that this one was no exception but I touched up the edges a couple of times and you couldn’t really tell.  There’s no reason for me not to buy this brand again.


There was also cat shampoo which I have to say, did make me giggle because traditionally, cats don’t like getting wet (or so I understand).  We didn’t even try the cat shampoo because giving our cat her flea treatment is a monthly trauma none of us relish!


What next?  Well the herbal tea for dogs intrigued me.  I love the idea of giving your dog a little something with some taste that keeps them hydrated but isn’t as bland as water.  Again, we didn’t actually use this because I didn’t want our dog not to like it and be put off normal water  and vice versa – to only want to drink herbal tea!  It may sound daft to some all of you lovely readers but this is an open and honest review after all!


The candles were next in the ‘lucky dip’.  I chose this category because I love, love, love candles and honestly, everything about them was lovely.  The packaging was just right – pretty, clever, about the right size vs the product size – and the smell.  Oh my goodness!  The rhubarb and raspberry was out of this world!  Highly recommended and possibly the best product from the box.  I loved that the 3 tea lights were made from recycled glass too.  Bee Fayre/Bee Garden who produce these deserve a round of applause.


Finally I had greetings cards which got me to thinking who I could send them to; someone who I don’t interact with online.  To be honest, I rarely ‘do’ birthday cards, simply saying happy birthday and doing lunch instead.  But the designs are very pretty and you don’t just have to use them for birthdays because they’re blank inside.  In a way, it’s a shame these cards were wasted on me because I might have to give them to a friend use instead.


In conclusion then…

Awebox is a great concept and would make a really nice one-off gift for someone.  With 4-6 choices of category to choose from and the option to cancel at any time, the RRP of £20-28 is pretty good value for money and would make a great present.

I’ve got no reason to think that the shampoo or tea aren’t great products, I just chose not to try them.  I would rather have had a cat/dog treat or toy in the box but having an idea of what you’re getting obviously takes away the surprise element.  In that respect, I feel that the pet categories could be quite limiting.  And I also feel that the other categories were limited in ‘uniqueness’.  I wouldn’t have chosen the pet ones myself but all in all a good idea that can be tailored to the customer.


You can visit the Awebox website and follow them on facebook, twitter and instagram.

What about you?  Have you considered a customisable subscription box?  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


*I was gifted this item for the purposes of this review but all views are my own.

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  1. Know exactly what you mean about treating the cat. I like the look of this to be fair it is a bit of a lucky dip though! Is it even themed? 😀 Thanks for the review! What a little box of surprises! #KCACOLS

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