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Hair Accessories Shop Review Hairgrips

Hair accessories… what little girl doesn’t love them?  

We were sent a selection of hair grips and headbands from the Hair Accessory Store and our 7 year old was very excited!  She has been growing her fringe out for a while now and is thrilled that she can tuck it behind her ears stylishly without it falling back.


Girl’s Got Style

I say ‘stylishly’ because she really ‘knows’ her own style and whenever we buy her new clothes, she comes with us to the shop or looks online.  Otherwise, there’s really no point because it’ll just go back to the shop for a refund.  Hubby and I both believe that it’s an important part of her growing up, empowering her – to be able to express herself, and not dictate to her what she can and can’t wear  – we never have done (school uniform is an exception to this, obviously – though you can also get decent uniform designs now!)


And Hair’s The Thing

The Hair Accessory Shop has got a really good range of hair clips, head bands and the like.  Not only are they well-made but they’re also comfortable to wear (so I’m told – there are have been no complaints about headbands pinching behind the ears or hair grips and butterfly clamps getting caught in hair when being removed.
I was really impressed with the hair grips in fact; they’re made of a foam-like material and none of the hair gets caught in the join like can happen in metal ones.
Hair Accessories Shop Review Hairgrips
Predictably, our daughter absolutely loved the colourful butterfly clamps which appear to be made of a slightly flexibly rubber material.  Ideal for little hands styling their hair because they don’t dig into the fingers when you’re putting them in.
And of course there’s the over-sized headband which is fun to wear.
Hair Accessories Shop Review Headband

Starting from £1.49 from the selection we were sent, I’d say these accessories are excellent value for money, given that hair things inevitably end up in the same places as odd-socks in our house – they won’t cost a fortune to replace!

You can shop their range of products here.

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*This is a review post but all opinions are my own.


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