Review ~ Music for Yoga CD from Group Fitness Music

Music For Yoga CD From Group Fitness Music With Niki Wibrow Helps You Zone In To Your Zen Review

 Review ~ Yoga Music CD from Group Fitness Music

I was recently sent a yoga CD from Group Fitness Music which was produced with teachers in mind, as well as individual users.  The music is fully licensed so you can use it anywhere and although I received a CD, it’s available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.


Music For Yoga CD From Group Fitness Music With Niki Wibrow Helps You Zone In To Your Zen Review


Different uses

The back of the CD tells me that the tracks are ‘hand-picked by celebrity yoga trainer Niki Wibrow.’  Good to know that we’re in good hands.
A good way for me to review the CD is to break it down into different uses.  So, what are my thoughts on using the CD alongside:


A yoga session

With my orange yoga mat rolled out and ready to go through some yoga poses, I felt really ‘zoned in’.  The music very much aided the experience, though it would be best done with a teacher because my rhythum of moving through the poses didn’t go in time to the music.  I can see that it would be a very beneficial to have a yoga session tailer-made to the music.


A reiki treatment

Having received reiki from other healers and regularly giving myself treatment, I can say that, personally, `i prefer to receive treatment to music.  For me, it really enhances the experience.  And as a person who prefers to close my eyes during treatment, I felt like I was being transported to a whole other world…



Though not such an enhanced experience as reiki, I did ‘zone out’ or ‘zone in’ (depending on your take on it!).  Either way, the music helped me to find my zen, which is a nice way to end the review.


Did I find my zen?

The music most definitely enhanced my experience, helped me to stay focussed on the reiki and meditation and generally improved my experience of finding my ‘zen’, which can only be a good thing.


And the price?

All 15 tracks are available for £7.99 or you can buy individual tracks for 99p.  Considering this is licensed, that’s very good value.  You can simply download, plug and play.
yoga cd


Get social in your zen!



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