Review of Palmistry app

Review of Palmistry App Palm Reading Chiromancy Chirognomy

Review of Palmistry app

 I’m a very spiritual person, what with being reiki-attuned, a certified crystal healer and with a recent fascination with the moon and astrology.  My hunger for ‘deeper’ or ‘other level’ things is growing.

…which is why I was really excited to hear of this palm reading app.

Review of Palmistry App Palm Reading Chiromancy Chirognomy

Is it user-friendly?

Apart from it being easy to install (on android in any case), I was interested in the brief background of palm-reading.  I’ve never had my palm read and so I couldn’t wait to dive in.  The different screens were very easy to navigate back and forth.

There was not much time to prepare for taking the picture of your palm and I later found out you can do this part again but either impatience or my go-with-the-flow attitude saw me move ahead to the next stage.


Did the app get me right?

My ‘validating view points’ and ‘fitness and health’ sections had me down to a tee but my views have certainly changed since I’ve matured and become more confident in my own mind and body.  So I’m not sure, had my palm been read when I was younger, whether those sections would still relate… it would be interesting to investigate this further.  In any case, given my new-found fascination with astrology, the picture of the lines and elements relating to the fingers were fascinating.

I was quite tempted to ‘expand’ the sections but too stingy to pay to do it!  Why?  Because there is an air of ‘gimmicky’ around the app.  By that I mean that the practical (sceptical?) Capricorn rising sign in me says that maybe a few buzz-words that can be jigged around can make several sections of this app fit anyone.  A bit like reading your stars with the right mindset – anything will fit somewhere?!…  Whether it’s the spiritual Pisces in me, I don’t know but when I was reading through aspects of the results, many of them were spot-on.  Which throws the sceptical part of me out of the water!

What about the price?

The life line and head line are free while you can upgrade for the heart line and fate line to go even deeper for £11.99.  I could be tempted but would want to know how gimmicky it is first.  Ultimately though, my version was free and a bit of fun.  What’s more, I’m still utterly intrigued in this spiritual practice.  There’s also a daily horoscope section which you can get on trial.  Why not have a go yourself?

You can find out more about the Palmistry app here:


What’s your take on the world of spirituality?  Would you try this app?  I’d love to know!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


*This is a collaborative post but all views are my own.

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